Top 10 Benefits of ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

1. Saves Precious Time

Network Configuration Manager enhances the efficiency of network administrators by streamlining NCCM activities, thereby saving valuable time.

2. Cost Effective

Network Configuration Manager, the integrated NCCM solution, delivers swift Return On Investment (ROI) in infrastructure by reducing network administration expenses.

3. No Additional Cost

No extra expenses are incurred as there is no need for specific software/hardware to support Network Configuration Manager.

4. Improved Productivity

Network Configuration Manager automates the majority of configuration tasks, relieving administrators of significant, repetitive, and unproductive workloads. This, in turn, enhances the overall productivity of the organization.

5. Enhanced Security

Network Configuration Manager monitors every operation executed on network devices, recording details such as the user, device, time, and the outcome of the operation. It acts as a safeguard against unauthorized changes by promptly notifying administrators of any configuration alterations. Consequently, Network Configuration Manager fortifies the security of the network.

6. Reduction of Manual Errors

Network Configuration Manager aids in minimizing manual errors during the configuration change process.

7. Easy Troubleshooting

Despite taking all precautions, if an issue arises with the network device due to a flawed configuration, Network Configuration Manager makes it easy to detect errors. This is achieved by maintaining a record of all versions of configuration changes and presenting them in a clear and organized format.

8. Rapid Disaster Recovery

In case of a network outage, administrators can easily revert to a previously known reliable configuration, significantly minimizing network downtime.

9. Simplified Network Maintenance

Network Configuration Manager simplifies various tasks in network configuration management, including implementing changes to network devices, recording change histories, backing up trusted configurations, rolling back to previous versions in case of errors, monitoring changes made by others, and more. These operations are streamlined through a user-friendly web interface, giving administrators complete control over NCCM tasks.

10. Insightful Reporting

Network Configuration Manager captures device configuration details, changes in configuration, and network inventory, presenting them in the form of insightful reports. These details are conveyed through user-friendly graphical reports, enhancing accessibility and comprehension.

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