How to choose the right network backup software

Backing up your network is a critical task that can easily slip under the radar. Due to its mundane nature, backups are easy to neglect. But when your organization experiences downtime, the problem with inefficient or improper backups is quickly and inconveniently realized. By then, unfortunately, it could be too late.

Network backups rely, almost fully, on network backup software. But before the backup process is initiated, we need to check a few boxes on our list to ensure we utilize full-fledged network backup software that eases network configuration management and business continuity issues.

Let’s get down to it: How do we choose the right network backup software?

1. Is there bandwidth to accommodate expansion and contractions of business?

This question is about scalability. Ideal network backup software should scale according to the organization's needs with exponentially increasing nodes and devices. Business entity planning that expands its foothold and competencies will still be inadequate if the network backup software is limited in terms of multi-vendor support. Your selected network backup software should work with your infrastructure and the technologies provided by each of your vendors to meet your current and future needs.

2. Can the solution be trusted to reliably execute tasks repetitively, automatically, and in bulk?

Your selected network backup software should be efficient and promptly handle designated processes. These include reliably executing tasks, accurately denoting and storing applicable data, and initiating recovery operations smoothly. At the business level, these processes must be consistently reliable.

3. Does the network backup software guarantee the security of your infrastructure?

The landscape is dynamic in how new developments in security threats emerge over time. Network backup software should mirror configuration files promptly, but should also ensure they remain in a secure location. Your chosen software solution should easily incorporate new updates and continuously stay in full compliance with cybersecurity standards.

4. Is the network backup software customizable in its compatibility?

The networks deployed from business to business are never the same. Your preferred network backup software should fully integrate with your systems. Making wholesale changes to your network because the network backup software isn’t compatible is an expensive proposition. The ideal backup solution should provide enough customizable capabilities so you can tweak features to meet your network demands.

5. Does it bring ease-of-use in management and review through visualization? Does it bring ease-of-use in management and review through visualization?

The software solution's interface and visual metric presentation are vital. In a network with numerous devices and endpoints, gaining a birds-eye view is difficult when the display of the performance data is difficult to interpret. Your ideal network backup software will provide easy-to-follow drill-down visualizations and metrics, along with command-line comparison mechanisms.

Network Configuration Manager by ManageEngine is the must-have solution for your organization's needs

Follow these guidelines to select your ideal network backup software. We're confident you'll choose Network Configuration Manager by ManageEngine because it is scalable, reliable, secure, customizable, and displays performance data you can easily visualize and interpret.

With Network Configuration Manager, ensure that no crucial backups are missed:

1. Automate backups when changes are detected, execute timely, and vital backups through scheduling.

2. Create a database backup that facilitates disaster recovery.

3. Deploy your most trusted and stable configuration as the baseline configuration.

4. Store backup files in a central encrypted repository secure from external threats.

5. Version your configuration backups and conduct side-by-side comparisons.

6. Generate a panoramic view to all ends of the network from a central console.