Huawei router configuration

Network Configuration Manager is a configuration, change and compliance management solution for all your Huawei network devices. With a Huawei router configuration tool like Network Configuration Manager, you can manage the entire lifecycle of Huawei router configuration.

Huawei configuration management with Network Configuration Manager

The Huawei router config tool enables network admins to efficiently execute and automate Huawei router config tasks. Admins can backup configurations, manage configuration changes, check for industry compliance, and detect devices with firmware vulnerabilities.

Manage Huawei router configurations

You can readily config Huawei router and manage Huawei configurations after you've discovered the devices into the Inventory. You can perform serveral operations like configuration backup, startup-running configuration sync, updating credendentials and a lot more from the inventory. The Dashboard gives you a consolidated view of the status of various configuration operations and their status. Some of them are:

  • Configuration backup
  • Firmware vulnerability
  • Network device EOL/EOS
  • Configuration change
  • Policy compliance
Huawei Router Configuration - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Back up Huawei router configurations

You must take configuration backups to restore your networks in times of network disasters. You can instantly restore your network by uploading configurations from the backup repository. With Network Configuration Manager you have the option of backing up your network configurations in three ways:

  • Instant configuration backup of individual devices or in for devices in bulk
  • Scheduled configuration back up for individual devices or for devices in bulk
  • Automated real-time change detection based back up
Huawei Router Configuration Tool - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Manage configuration changes in Huawei routers

Since manual configuration changes are prone to errors that can lead to network disasters, it is crucial that the network admins stay informed of all configuration changes. Using Network Configuration Manager, network admins can configure change notifications and rollback mechanisms for mission-critical devices. The change management capabilities in the solution enables you to:

  • Implement change management policies
  • Receive real-time notifications on configuration changes
  • Instantly rollback to previous or trusted configuration versions
Huawei Router Config - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Configuration command execution in Huawei routers

Manually executing repetitive configuration operations can prove to be time-consuming. But with Network Configuration Manager, you can create Configlets (configuration templates) for such routine configuration tasks. You can also execute them whenever required or schedule them for later. Some commonly executed tasks using Configlets include:

  • Enabling encryption
  • Enabling syslog
  • Exporting NetFlow
  • Enabling and disabling SNMP
Configure Huawei Router - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Audit Huawei routers for compliance

You must comply with certain industry standards to ensure that your network is free of loopholes and vulnerabilities. Using Network Configuration Manager, you can run compliance checks on your network configurations and fix violations. The solution's compliance capabilities include:

  • Ensure compliance with industry standards like CIS, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.
  • Create custom compliance policies for internal purposes
  • Generate detailed compliance reports
  • Fix compliance violations with remediation configlets
Config Huawei Router Tool - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manage

Get comprehensive reports on Huawei router configurations

Reports are integral when you are required to regularly audit your network configurations for changes and compliance. Network Configuration Manager has built-in report generation capabilities to help you become audit-ready. You can also create custom reports to suit your requirements. Some built-in reports you can generate are:

  • Startup-running conflict reports
  • EOL/EOS reports
  • User Activity tracking reports
  • Configuration change reports
  • Configuration analysis reports
  • Compliance reports
  • Security audit reports
Huawei Router Configuration Reports - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

With the above capabilities you can seamlessly manage your Huawei network device configurations and restore your network in times of a network disaster.

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