Enhanced smart upgrade for Network Configuration Manager's Enterprise Edition

ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager is a robust enterprise network management software that supports distributed network configuration management for large organizations that typically have their networks located worldwide for business operations. The Central-Probe architecture allows users to manage remote and distributed sites from any given geographic location where the Central server is installed.

This architecture facilitates distributed network management, but during the upgrade process users might face these practical challenges:

  • When the Central and a Probe are distantly located, it might promote latency and the auto-upgrade might fail. It is advisable to place the file with the .ppm extension, representing the upgrade installation file, in the local folder.
  • All connected probes will try to fetch the .ppm file from the Central simultaneously. This may overload the Central and cause a lag in the upgrade process.
  • The upgrade usually happens internally, so that the users will not gain any visibility into the process.

Redefine the upgrade process in Network Configuration Manager

The enhanced smart upgrade feature in Network Configuration Manager overcomes bottlenecks and ensures a seamless, quick, and efficient upgrade that provides greater visibility into the process. It also fixes the problems of time delay and the overload caused to the Central server.


Once the PPM file is uploaded to the Central, the Probes will access the Central to download the PPM files. For seamless operation, the process is organized so that the upgrade button will appear in the Central only after the Probes download the PPM file.

After the Central upgrade, the Probes will automatically be upgraded and the live upgrade status of each Probe will display in the Central.

The entire process can be broadly divided into four stages:

  1. Uploading the PPM file to the Central
  2. Sending the PPM file to the Probes
  3. Upgrading the Central
  4. Upgrading the Probes


  • Download the PPM file to the server where the Central is installed.

How to perform the smart upgrade

  • In the Central, navigate to Settings --> Configuration--> Smart Upgrade.

  • Click on Browse and add the PPM file.
    • The PPM file will be validated for compatibility. For example, users may select the PPM file of the existing build or a previous build. To ensure unhindered upgrade process, the PPM files will be validated.
    • Once the PPM files are validated, the download request will be sent to the Probes.
    • Please note that only when the Auto Download option is enabled, Probes will automatically pull the PPM files from the Central. If the option is disabled, then the user has to manually place the PPM file in the specific folder of the respective Probe's server.

  • Click on Upload. The PPM file will be uploaded and the connected Probes will begin to download the file from the Central. The download progress will be displayed.

  • Click on the Upgrade button (Note: The Upgrade button appears only after the PPM files have been sent to all the Probes).

  • The Central begins to upgrade.

  • After the Central upgrades, it will go inactive for a short time. (This is normal as the Central processes the data.) The progress can be viewed in the Central UI.

Highlights of the enhanced smart upgrade

  • The upgrade status of the Probes can be tracked in real time on the Central UI.
  • At any given time, the maximum number of Probes that can access the Central for PPM files is limited to five. This eliminates network traffic and time delays. With the auto-download option, the process of probes downloading the PPM files is automated.
  • The chances of an upgrade failure are reduced.
  • Better control is provided over the upgrade process.

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