Integrate ServiceNow with Network Configuration Manager

If you have ServiceNow installed in your network, you can automatically log trouble tickets from Network Configuration Manager for Configuration Upload requests and Backup failures. Along with the provision to notify fault via email, you can also track alarms by logging trouble tickets to ServiceNow.

ServiceNow integration with NCM also simplifies Device Discovery. NCM automatically discovers devices from the ServiceNow CMDB and adds them to the Inventory.

For logging the trouble ticket to ServiceNow correctly, you need to ensure the following:

  1. ServiceNow Settings must be configured in Network Configuration Manager
  2. Ticket Settings have been configured to create tickets for configuration backup failure and upload requests.

Configure Server Settings

Following are the steps to configure the ServiceNow and Network Configuration Manager Server settings:

  1. Network Configuration Manager must know where ServiceNow is running to log the ticket. To configure the ServiceNow settings details, follow the steps given below
  2. Go to Settings -> Integrations -> ServiceNow and configure the following
    • ServiceNow URL: The URL for your ServiceNow Connection
    • ServiceNow UserName & Password
    • ServiceNow URL

Connection Settings

Enable Connection from ServiceNow: This option enables ServiceNow to send requests to Network Configuration Manager for operations like Device Discovery and Configuration Upload Approval.

If NCM has been installed in a closed network and ServiceNow is not able to connect NCM, install the ServiceNow MID Server in the same network where NCM has been installed and select the appropriate MID Server name and click Save.

Connection Settings

Ticket Settings

Create tickets in ServiceNow for backup failure alerts: Creating tickets in ServiceNow for backup failure alerts in NCM

Raise ticket in ServiceNow for Configuration upload requests: Configure ServiceNow to create a ticket, whenever a user raises a configuration upload request in Network Configuration Manager.

If alert re-occurs: Instruct NCM to perform an operation if an alert re-occurs. 'Create New Ticket' will raise the alert as a new ticket in ServiceNow while 'Re-open Closed Ticket' will re-open the ticket raised for the corresponding alert in ServiceNow.

CMDB CI Settings

Automatically sync devices added to ServiceNow CMDB: Discover devices that are added to ServiceNow CMDB in real-time. Whenever new devices are added to ServiceNow with the category specified as 'network', NCM will Discover those devices immediately.

Manually sync devices added to ServiceNow CMDB: On clicking this all the devices (assets) with the category specified as 'network' will be Discovered by NCM. This also includes devices added before the users configured ServiceNow integration on their NCM instance.

CMDB CI Settings
ServiceNow Management

ServiceNow Discovery Report

Using the ServiceNow integration, you can discover devices from the ServiceNow CMDB to NCM Inventory. To the view the status of discovery status of devices from the ServiceNow CMDB, go to Settings -> Discovery -> Discovery Report.

For Device Discovery from ServiceNow CMDB, you need to ensure the following:

  • ServiceNow Settings must be configured in Network Configuration Manager
  • Connection settings must be enabled to reach NCM from ServiceNow
  • Automatically Sync Devices Added to ServiceNow CMDB must be enabled
ServiceNow Discovery Report

If NCM fails to Discover any of the devices, you can manually add devices to the NCM Inventory from the Discovery Report.

Note: If proxy is configured in client side, then the proxy in Network Configuration Manager needs to be configured to perform integration.