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Maintaining a secure network environment is critical. Regular network security audits play a vital role in achieving this goal. These audits systematically examine your network for vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, and security weaknesses. Traditionally, manual audits were the norm. However, this approach is not only time-consuming and error-prone, but it can also lead to critical security gaps being overlooked.

Network security audit tools or network security audit software provide an automated solution to this challenge. By streamlining the audit process, these tools empower network administrators to gain a comprehensive understanding of their network's security posture. This allows them to identify and address potential threats before they can be exploited by attackers.

Selecting the right network audit tool is essential. Network Configuration Manager stands out as a powerful all-in-one network security audit tool. It offers a comprehensive suite of features designed to simplify and automate network security audits. This empowers network administrators to stay ahead of potential threats and ensure their network's continued security.

Benefits of using network security auditing tool

Network auditing tools offer numerous advantages over manual audits, making them invaluable assets for network administrators. Here are some key benefits:

  • Efficiency and automation: Manual audits are often time-consuming and labor-intensive. Network security auditing tools automate much of the process, allowing administrators to allocate their time more effectively.

  • Enhanced accuracy: Manual audits are susceptible to human error, potentially resulting in overlooked vulnerabilities. Network security audit software utilizes automated scans and standardized procedures, ensuring a more consistent and precise assessment.

  • Comprehensive visibility: Network audit software can thoroughly scan the entire network infrastructure, providing detailed insights into its security posture. They identify devices, configurations, vulnerabilities, and potential security gaps that might escape notice in a manual review.

  • Prioritization and remediation: Many network security audit tools prioritize vulnerabilities based on severity and exploit potential, enabling administrators to address the most critical issues promptly and allocate resources efficiently for remediation.

  • Compliance management: Network security audits are often necessary for compliance with industry regulations or internal security policies. These tools facilitate the compliance process by generating reports that demonstrate adherence to specific security standards.

  • Proactive threat detection: Regular scans with network auditing software help identify vulnerabilities before they are exploited by attackers, allowing administrators to take proactive measures to maintain a robust security posture.

  • Cost savings: Although there is an initial investment in the network auditing tool, the long-term benefits—such as improved security, reduced downtime, and faster remediation—can lead to significant cost savings over time.

You can harness these benefits by utilizing Network Configuration Manager as your network security audit tool.

Features of network audit software, Network Configuration Manager

Asset discovery and inventory

Network Configuration Manager offers a thorough inventory of your assets, featuring essential details such as host name, IP address, configuration conflict status, compliance status, backup status, and more. This aids administrators in swiftly identifying problematic devices during network audits.

network auditing software - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager  

Compliance auditing

Compliance auditing is crucial in network infrastructure as it serves as the primary avenue for uncovering security vulnerabilities. Network Configuration Manager offers a dedicated real-time compliance report, containing information on devices that are either compliant or in violation. For each device, you can investigate further to find specific policy violations, severity levels (critical, major, and warning), etc.

Accessing the violated policy provides detailed information on the rules that were violated, allowing you to implement Configlets for remediation purposes. This streamlines compliance auditing for administrators and helps seal potential security loopholes, preventing disasters.

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Firmware vulnerability management

The firmware of devices is critical and presents another potential security vulnerability for attackers to exploit. Auditing each device's firmware for potential threats in a manual environment is nearly impossible. However, with Network Configuration Manager you gain access to a dedicated firmware management feature. This feature provides a comprehensive list of vulnerable devices, along with their CVE ID, base score, severity, and links to potential patch fixes. Additionally, you can utilize specific vulnerability reports such as CVE ID report, exposed devices report, firmware version report, vulnerability fix trend, and device vulnerability history for effortless network auditing.

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Reporting and analytics

Reports are fundamental to auditing as they offer detailed data on every metric of your network infrastructure. Network Configuration Manager facilitates network security auditing by ensuring that no anomalies are overlooked, offering around 26 reports including the compliance and vulnerability reports.

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