Top five advantages of network backup software

One of the most devastating causes of network downtime in today's complex network environment is faulty configurations. This type of downtime may occur at any moment, taking you and your business by surprise. Whenever it occurs, admins or operators must work on finding the root cause before fixing it, leading to huge losses in terms of time as well as money.

The best way to avoid this type of mishap is to back up your vital network configurations via network backup software.

Disadvantages of restoring your network without network backup software

  1. Increased troubleshooting time
  2. Not finding the right, stable configuration in time
  3. Human error, such as uploading an unstable configuration during downtime
  4. Increased expenses and decreased results
  5. Increased workloads for admins

How network backup software works

Network backup software allows you to make backups of vital configurations at regular intervals so you can upload a stable or baseline configuration immediately whenever network downtime occurs and stay safe from its surprise effects. An admin with the right network backup software can restore their networks in minutes without even troubleshooting to find the root cause. The admin can instead work on the root cause after their business is up and running, increasing operational efficiency.

Top 5 advantages of network backup software

  1. Data loss prevention
  2. Reduced service costs
  3. Reduced management workload for users
  4. Safe, secure storage of configuration files
  5. Easy disaster recovery

1. Data loss prevention

According to Dell, businesses lose over $1.7 trillion a year due to data loss and downtime. With network backup software, you do not need to worry about any loss of configuration files. You can make backups of all the configurations of all the devices present in your network environment, which are saved internally, and restore them during downtime.

2. Reduced service costs

The results of manual labor do not make up for its huge expenses. Since the workload of admins increases ten-fold for manual labor, the costs are also high, and human error is common. Because of this, there is no corresponding performance increase in the organization. If you use network backup software, you could not only save money but also earn more due to improved performance.

3. Reduced management workload for users

Imagine a network environment with 1,000-10,000 devices. If the organization relies on manual labor, an admin working there has to look up every device and keep a note of all the configurations. This is very time-consuming and hectic for users as well as admins.

It is also arduous for them if network downtime occurs. The admin has to troubleshoot manually to find the root cause, then search for a stable or baseline configuration, and then successfully save the environment from disaster.

With network backup software, admins can make backups with a single click and easily use those during downtime to restore the network environment instantly, saving themselves from hectic manual labor.

4. Safe, secure storage of configuration files

Manually keeping track of configuration files may lead to data loss or theft. This will greatly impact your network environment as it will compromise the safety and security of the devices in it. With network backup software, the files are in safe hands as they are encrypted and stored, avoiding any data loss or leakage. These saved files can then be used during emergencies like sudden downtime.

5. Easy disaster recovery

Network downtime comes as a surprise in most cases. Because of this, many organizations without network backup software struggle to bring their businesses back up instantly. With network backup software, you can immediately get your business up and running without wasting precious minutes troubleshooting the issue. As a result, there are no huge losses to the business.

Network Configuration Manager: Your one-stop solution for network backups

ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager is a multi-vendor network configuration and change management automation tool with many capabilities, including an advanced network backup feature.

There are three ways you can back up your configurations in Network Configuration Manager:

1. Manual backups: As network configuration backup software, Network Configuration Manager helps you instantly back up any number of devices or device groups with a single click.

2. Scheduled backups: It is difficult for admins to keep track of daily backups of devices in a large network environment. To avoid this problem, you can use the scheduling feature to schedule backups for your preferred date and time.

3. Automated backups: Whenever a user logs off of Network Configuration Manager, the software automatically generates backups with the help of syslog. If any change was made, it is backed up automatically. If no change is detected, it discards the backup process.

Struggling with manual backups? Download a free, 30-day trial of Network Configuration Manager and completely avoid the struggles of manual labor.

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