Brocade router configuration management

Brocade routers are one of the leading routers worldwide with a wide range of features and capabilities supporting the latest technology advancements. These type of routers provide various configurations that are critical for a network, so they need to be managed precisely. If these configurations are not managed properly, huge network disasters, device corruption, or device failure could result. ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager takes full control of Brocade router configuration and provides the optimal features to manage the devices error-free.

Network Configuration Manager, which can also be called as Brocade router configuration manager here, provides innovative capabilities and features that leverage the latest technological advancements in networking.

Highlights of Network Configuration Manager's Brocade router config management:

  • Utilize two methods for discovering devices that includes your Brocade router: SNMP and manual discovery.
  • Back up your Brocade router configuration to save time and money when a network outage occurs and when you need to restore your devices.
  • Manage real-time changes, and receive real-time change notifications for your Brocade router.
  • Obtain the latest safety procedures and details for the Brocade router with Network Configuration Manager's Compliance feature so you can utilize the latest industry-grade polices, as well as create and add your own policies.
  • Identify firmware vulnerabilities of your Brocade router and utilize Network Configuration Manager to implement fixes.
  • Automate Brocade router config management tasks using configuration script templates known as Configlets to, for example, troubleshoot 10,000 devices, or enable SNMP to all devices in the network.
  • Schedule tasks and receive timely reports of your Brocade router configurations.

Back up your Brocade router configurations using Network Configuration Manager

In the past, network administrators manually performed most of their tasks. While time-consuming and often tedious, they individually restored the configurations if a network outage occurred. Network Configuration Manager provides an advanced backup feature for Brocade router configuration management that enables multiple backups of Brocade router configuration, so the most stable version can be uploaded to devices when downtime or an outage occurs. This also gives network admins more time to troubleshoot and determine the root cause of the issue. Also, you can backup Brocade switch config with Network Configuration Manager.

Brocade Router Configuration Management | ManageEngine Network Configuration

Managing changes to configurations of your Brocade router

Sometimes, a change made to a configuration can be chaotic for the network. Changes made to the configuration of Brocade router should be monitored, and this can be accomplished hassle-free using Network Configuration Manager's or Brocade router configuration manager's Change Management feature.

  • Network Configuration Manager tracks in real time the who, when, and what of configuration changes for your Brocade router.
  • Role-based access control through Network Configuration Manager enables network admins to assign admin and operator roles with different scopes. Changes made by operators cannot be uploaded directly; these are submitted for admin review, and if the admin accepts the changes, then only these are uploaded.
  • The real-time change notification feature provides you with instantaneous notifications in the form of emails, SNMP traps, syslogs, tickets, and rollbacks.
  • The Diff View feature provides side-by-side comparisons of two configurations from the same device, including Brocade router configurations, or even two configurations from two different devices. Using this feature, admins can easily track and analyze configuration changes.
Brocade Router Configuration | ManageEngine Network Configuration

Diff View:

Brocade Router Config Management | ManageEngine Network Configuration

Ensuring compliance for your Brocade router

Technologies are advancing rapidly today, and with this, threats are also growing, causing concerns. To prevent disastrous events, organizations are required to follow policies to stay compliant with the latest industry security standards. Once your Brocade router configuraton is configured to Network Configuration Manager, you can easily confirm if the router follows industry-level compliance and if any changes are required. The solution provides an added advantage by enabling you to create your own policies for more layers of security. By default, for Brocade router configuration management, Network Configuration Manager provides default policies such as CIS, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS. If the Brocade router configurations are non-compliant, Network Configuration Manager sends violation notifications.

Configure Brocade Router Management | ManageEngine Network Configuration

Automate tasks of Brocade router configurations using Configlets

Network admins have tasks that require a lot of manual and often tedious work. Network Configuration Manager helps automate configuration management tasks via Configlets, which are command templates. For example, if a password change is required for 10,000 devices in a network, you can use Configlets to change the password for all devices at one time. CLI and REST Configlets are supported.

Brocade Router Configlets | ManageEngine Network Configuration

Ensuring the safety of firmware for your Brocade router

Sensitive data for your organization can be at risk when a firmware vulnerability occurs. To keep the firmware safe, at regular intervals, Network Configuration Manager's Firmware vulnerability management feature regularly updates firmware vulnerabilities by importing data from NIST. It automatically checks if the firmware for the Brocade router, or another device, is safe. If not, Network Configuration Manager or Brocade router configuration manager immediately lists them along with their CVE IDs so that fixes can be obtained for the vulnerabilities. The solution also categorizes firmware vulnerabilities into four types:

  • Base score 9.0 - 10 - Critical
  • Base score 7.0 - 8.9 - Important
  • Base score 4.0 - 6.9 - Moderate
  • Base score 0 - 3.9 - Low
Brocade Router Firmware Management | ManageEngine Network Configuration

Report generation and management of Brocade router

Audits and reports are key to tracking changes and important updates. Network Configuration Manager generates configuration reports that provide in-depth details about your Brocade router configuration. The five categories of reports in Network Configuration Manager are:

  • Network reports
  • Configuration reports
  • User reports
  • Policy compliance reports
  • Device-specific reports
Brocade Router Configuration Management Reports| ManageEngine Network Configuration

Supported Brocade router devices

Vendor Supported model/series
Brocade Brocade Routers
Brocade Brocade 648G FWS Switch
Brocade TI2X24 Switch
Brocade Brocade 624S FCX Switch
Brocade XMR Ironware V5.7 Switch
Brocade 7250 ICX Switch
Brocade SilkWorm 3850 Fabric Switch
Brocade VDX Switch

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Request device support if your model is not on the supported Brocade router device list provided above.

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