Brocade switch configuration backup

Brocade switch configuration backup is a vital fail-safe for your Brocade switches in the event of downtime. It ensures that the operation of your Brocade switches remains unaffected. Industry-leading Brocade switches lay the groundwork for high performance in a wide range of network environments.

Outages can spring up from out of nowhere. If you haven’t promptly backed up the configuration of your Brocade switch, it means your network devices are at great risk of going offline in the event of an outage. On the other hand, if you have successfully backed up your Brocade switch's configurations, it will remain immune to any mishaps, with no inconvenience to the IT operations team or other stakeholders.

You can back up the configurations of your Brocade devices and upload them to the device through Network Configuration Manager. This backup will act as the default baseline configuration during downtime, preventing the Brocade devices from being disrupted and keeping the network up and running.

How to backup Brocade switch configurations in Network Configuration Manager

The type of backup you deem fit will differ according to the frequency of configuration changes that are made on a daily basis. With Network Configuration Manager's Brocade switch configuration backup facility, you can back up Brocade device configurations in three ways:

  1. Instant Brocade switch configuration backup
  2. Syslog-based automated Brocade switch configuration backup
  3. Scheduled Brocade switch configuration backup

1. Execute instant Brocade switch configuration backup

With network management, there will be changes made that are often risky in nature. This is why it's wise to back up instantly all the device configurations of Brocade devices before you go ahead with an entirely new setting.

With Brocade switch configuration backup, we can offset the risk by choosing to back up all the Brocade devices in bulk with one click. The backup is then stored for later use, securing Brocade devices fully against any contingencies.

Brocade Switch Configuration Backup - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

2. Automated Brocade switch config backup

Organizations are expanding and the networks that they run are bigger than ever. Each passing minute will witness logins to devices and changes made at different ends of the network. The frequency of changes increases the chances of a faulty configuration change.

This is where change-detection-enabled configuration backup, also known as automated Brocade switch config backup, saves the day. With this setting activated on Brocade devices, the device configurations are monitored continuously to detect any and all changes made.

The login by a user to a Brocade device triggers a syslog message, which kick-starts tracking, culminating in another syslog message when that same user logs out. On the log-out syslog, a backup of the Brocade devices is triggered. In an instant, a comparison is made to ascertain whether changes have been made. If no changes are detected, the backup is discarded. This automated process will be never-ending until you disable change detection.

Backup Brocade Switch Configuration - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

3. Schedule periodic backup of Brocade switch configurations

Configuration operations increase in proportion to the growing number of devices within a network. An IT operations team would want to allocate their time for high-priority tasks over manual Brocade device configuration backups. Scheduled backups allow you to set the backup at a particular time for your Brocade devices.

If you see that changes happen in time intervals, backups should happen periodically, you can backup Brocade switch config by scheduling to execute backups on an hourly, weekly, monthly, or daily basis. Scheduling backups for Brocade devices not only reduces manual effort, but also ensures Brocade device configurations constantly stay updated.

Brocade switch config backup - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

4. Obtain backup reports of Brocade switch configurations

Oversight and review of network operations at the device level can help an IT admin determine what to do to prevent further fluctuations and outages. In Brocade config backup, backup reports can make reviewing Brocade switch backups easy. These comprehensive reports will include metrics, visualizations, and different levels of drilldown. This will enable you to ascertain the statuses and summaries of activities including Brocade switch configuration details, changes in configurations, and conflicts in running start-ups.

Backup Brocade Switch Config - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

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