Configuration Change Notifications

A change in the configuration of network devices can have a huge impact on the network's performance, uptime and availability. When it comes to devices that are crucial for a network's availability, configuration change notifications prove to be a lifesaver by alerting the admin about the changes and its details. Once a configuration change in a device is detected, it is important that notifications are sent to those responsible for configuration change management in real-time.

Network Configuration Manager, which is a network configuration and change management tool (NCCM), provides efficient configuration change notifications with network configuration change management to keep you updated on all the changes that are made in your network. Network Configuration Manager leverages the Syslog messages to detect configuration changes in real-time and sends notifications.


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Network Configuration Manager allows you to configure change notifications whenever there is a change in:

  1. Startup or Running Configuration
  2. Startup Configuration alone
  3. Running Configuration alone

  • Configuration change email notification

    - Notify the person concerned via email.
  • Sending SNMP Traps for config change

    - Sends SNMP traps to the configured host when a configuration change is detected
  • Syslog message

    - Sends syslog message to the specified syslog server upon configuration change.
  • Generate trouble Tickets for config changes

    - Creates and sends trouble ticket to the specified email address along with the change.
  • Rolling back to the previous version or the baseline version

    - Undo the configuration change by rolling back to either the previous version or the baseline version.

Config change management starts with notifications and extends to:

Configuration change tracking | Config change restore | Baseline configuration