Siemens configuration tool

ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager which also can be called as Siemens configuration tool or Siemens configuration software is designed to backup configurations, track configuration changes, audit compliance in Siemens network devices and the devices of other vendors as well. Network Configuration Manager is affordable and comes with an intuitive UI, which make it easy for you to manage Siemens network configurations, full-fledged.

Siemens configuration management with Network Configuration Manager 

Once you add Siemens network device in Network Configuration Manager it becomes Siemens configurator and you can carry out any configuration operation without using an external emulator. You can back up configurations, manage changes, run compliance checks and automate complex network tasks using the solution. 

Manage Siemens device configurations with Siemens configurator software 

The first step involved in managing Siemens configurations is to discover devices to Network Configuration Manager's Inventory. After the devices are discovered, you can provide them with credentials to start executing configuration operations. The intuitive GUI enables you to execute multiple configuration operations right from the inventory. The dashboard gives you a consolidated view of the status of your network configurations and operations. 

Highlights of Siemens configurator tool

  • Discover Siemens devices 

  • Trigger back up of Siemens configurations individually or in bulk

  • Compare altered Siemens configurations side-by-side

  • Audit Siemens configurations for firmware vulnerabilities and fix issues

  • Automate command execution with Configlets

  • Schedule Siemens router and firewall configuration tasks

  • Maintain compliance in Siemens configurations

Back up configurations with Siemens network configuration tool 

The configurations of Siemens routers, switches, firewalls etc can be backed up periodically and instantly. Network Configuration Manager provides 3 ways to simplify back up process.

  • Select multiple Siemens configurations and trigger bulk backups.

  • Enable change detection in Siemens devices for an automated backup whenever changes are made.

  • Schedule backup operation in Siemens configurations for periodical backing up.

Siemens Configuration Tool - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Track and make configuration changes in Siemens automation configuration tool

With Network Configuration Manager's change management feature you can track "who", "what", and "when" of configuration changes. On top of that, Network Configuration Manager allows you to take full charge of Siemens configurations by providing approve/reject options for changes made by other users.

  • Receive change notifications via Email, snmp traps, trouble tickets etc., in real-time.

  • Compare different versions of your Siemens configurations with Diff View.

  • Manage changes in all the switches with Siemens switch configuration management.

Siemens Configuration Software - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Audit compliance with configuration tool Siemens 

Network Configuration Manager helps Siemens network devices comply with CIS, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS compliance mandates, and helps you create custom policies. This helps you achieve a secure network and less vulnerable.

  • Comply to industrial standards like CIS, SOX, HIPAA, and PCI DSS.

  • Create custom policies based on your requirements, and ensure your network meets your organization’s internal regulations. 

  • View the compliance status of individual network devices using compliance reports. 

Siemens Configurator Tool - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager


Command execution in Siemens config tool

 With Siemens configuration software, you can use configlets to automate mundane configuration tasks and make changes in multiple configurations. Here's how you can achieve automation using configlets:

  • Push configurations in multiple Siemens network device configurations.

  • Execute commands to change passwords, enabling/disabling SNMP, uploading firmware etc.

  • Schedule command execution in your Siemens configurations.

Siemens Automation Configuration Tool - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Get comprehensive reports on Siemens device configurations with Siemens configurator software

Network Configuration Manager has built-in reports you can use for auditing purposes. Diagnose and resolve network issues—even before outages occur—using the various reports available in Network Configuration Manager. Reports on network devices, users, compliance, and EOL/EOS all give you deeper insight into what's happening in your network environment.

  • Make future-oriented decisions by analyzing the current pattern of your network configurations.

  • Track changes in real time and perform side-by-side analysis of different configuration versions.

  • Get statistical data in the form of color-coded graphs and charts for better configuration analysis.

  • Automate and share report notifications with your management team as part of periodic updates.

  • Schedule and export PDF copies of reports on various configuration tasks.

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