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Configuration Change Management - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Configuration change management tool for your configurations

Key Features:
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Of Network Configuration Manager.

Need for Configuration Change Management Tools

Configuration change management tools, which contains configuration change management, are responsible for your network's entire change workflow or configuration change management process. Without a tool to overlook the constant changes the device configurations are subject to, network disasters are imminent. The configuration change management options in Network Configuration Manager, a network configuration and change management (NCCM) tool or configuration change management tool, help prevent and recover from network disasters caused by configuration changes. With options to configure role-based access, backup devices, compare configurations, track user activity, and quickly restore devices to trusted configuration versions, you can take complete control over your network's change workflow. 

Configuration Change Management Tool

Configuration change management tool for access control (RBAC)

In a multi-user environment, for configuration change management, role based access control is important to prevent any unauthorized changes being made to the devices. The network admin has the authority to create roles and assign users to the roles. The users' access is restricted to particular group of devices based on their role's scope of access. If the role is assigned to the Juniper device group, the user can access only that group and the rest of the network would be inaccessible. The users can backup and sync configurations and also request configuration uploads to the devices. The changes will be applied only if the admin approves them. The admin can choose to approve or reject the changes and leave appropriate comments. Learn More>>

Configuration change management tools with configuration versioning and storage

Network Configuration Manager or configuration change management tool provides the option to take manual, automated and scheduled backups for configuration change management. Whenever a backup is triggered, Network Configuration Manager compares the configuration file with the recent configuration backup. If changes are detected, the configuration is versioned and stored. The configuration backup is discarded if there are no changes between the two configuration files. The versioned storage creates a configuration history that can be used to compare configurations and spot differences. Learn More>>

Network configuration change management tool for config comparison

To spot changes in the device configurations, the user has to look through the entire configuration file. This could be time-consuming and difficult to troubleshoot when there are several network devices. In configuration and change management, Diff view simplifies this task by showing the user a side by side comparison of two configuration files. To easily identify changes and their types, the comparison is color-coded. Diff view also gives information about the who and when of the configuration changes and if the version in question is a result of a manual, scheduled or an automated backup. Learn More>>

Configuration change management process with real-time notifications

To avoid mishaps due to configuration changes, the network admin must be notified every time a change is made. The configuration change management software Network Configuration Manager sends the admin notifications every time a user makes changes to configurations. In config change management, the notifications are triggered by syslog messages. Everytime a user logs out of a device, a syslog message is generated and sent to Network Configuration Manager's built-in syslog server. On receiving this message, Network Configuration Manager compares the configuration with the recent backup.If changes are found, the admin is notified and a backup of the device is triggered. Network Configuration Manager notifies the admin via email, SNMP traps, syslog messages and trouble tickets. These notifications are called 'change' notifications and the admin can specify what type of changes can trigger notifications. For mission-critical devices, the admin can also automate a rollback mechanism, to prevent unauthorized changes from taking effect. Learn More>>

Configuration change management tool supporting rollback mechanism

A network disaster caused by a misconfiguration can be fixed in the shortest time with configuration change management if the admin has a way to reverse the changes instantly. Rolling back the device to the previous configuration version or a stable/trusted version could help solve the problem. To help set up a rollback mechanism Network Configuration Manager has the option of labelling a trusted configuration version as 'baseline configuration'. During a network outage, the admin can revert changes that caused the disaster by restoring the device to its baseline configuration. Learn More>>

Your peers approve Network Configuration Manager.

    "Network Configuration Manager has worked very well for us. Their technical support has been outstanding and they have gone above and beyond what I would have expected. I would highly recommend this product for anyone who would like to successfully manage their configuration files for all of their devices. "
    Rob Calhoun, W.C. Bradley Company
    "Manageengine Network Configuration Manager has proven a very useful tool to help Federal Signal, Inc. manage multiple vendors equipment across multiple geographic locations. It has allowed us to effectively manage remote device configurations and implement effective change control for network infrastructure. "
    Larry Ware, Federal Signal Global Network Boffin
    "Network Configuration Manager is a very powerful configuration management tool. Network Configuration Manager has saved us a great deal of time if a problem does arise because we know we can immediately pull the history of changes made and roll back the running configuration to a last known good configuration if needed. If you are someone that is currently wondering how to get a handle on your configurations changes then Network Configuration Manager is for you."
    Kevin Spies, Manager of Network Operations, Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC
    "Network Configuration Manager has helped us save a great deal of time in rolling out configuration changes to numerous network devices within minutes rather than hours, or even days. The automated approach on backups allows us to sleep at night knowing that we always have the most up to date configurations of our devices. The web interface quickly gives you a user friendly snapshot of the status of your devices providing you the knowledge of what devices are backed up, not backed up, have start/run conflicts, etc. NCM is by far the biggest bang for your buck on the market. It's an absolute must for network admins of enterprises of all sizes". "
    Thus, Network Configuration Manager brings you all the aspects of network device management in a single console.
    Neil C. Perry, IT Manager, Stoops Freightliner-Quality Trailer, Inc