Customer Support Software for Telecom

Telecom industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The never-ending technological developments combined with cut-throat competition have made the Industry more competitive than ever. Telecom industry is customer driven and hence being customer-responsive is an important trait for success in this industry. To be customer focused and to be upfront in the interactions with the customer, the primary need is a tool that empowers the customer facing staff with accurate information at the click of a button..

SupportCenter Plus has been helping a number of companies across the globe to cater to customer needs and to help them provide superior experience to their customers. What we said may sound cliched, but the diversified portfolio of our Telecom Clients bear the testimonial for the fullest utilization of SupportCenter Plus in the Telecom domain.

Customer Support Software for Telecom

Email and Phone are the two main ways the customer support is approached in Telecom Industry. Customers expect faster response times, one call resolution and better user experience. SupportCenter Plus with its strong email response management system, intuitive Knowledge Base, unique Self-Service Portal and computer telephony integration can help a telecom company to provide top-notch customer support to its customers.

Key Features


  • Affordable, easy to use and quick implementation. No need of any installation in the client's place as the Support Portal can be accessed through web.
  • Customize Self Service Portal for clients and the respective contacts according to your needs
  • Increase support efficiency by reducing repetitive queries and high volume of tickets and calls
  • Organize and integrate computer telephony with your Customer Support in order to provide better user experience with your call center and customer support.
  • Keep the clients and their staff informed with latest information.
  • Create performance and efficiency reports of your customer support staff. Manage your resources effectively
  • 24 X 7 support for your clients.

How Business Units can be used by a Telecom company?

Any telecom service provider will have two different streams of customers. B2B customers are those who avail the enterprise services and the normal B2C customers, who avail different services like broadband, mobile services etc. The business units in a Telecom company are divided according to different products.

Customer Support Software for Telecom

For example our Acme Telecom, has three major product divisions' broadband, mobile and landline. Each product business unit will have different clients (of both B2B and B2C). The B2B clients can be classified as accounts and if they have different branches, it can be classified in to sub-accounts. The contacts (requesters) can be from any of the accounts or sub accounts. The B2C contacts can be directly without any association with Accounts or Sub-Accounts. SupportCenter Plus is extremely flexible and can be customized seamlessly to manage your business units, accounts , sub-accounts and contacts.

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