Table of Contents

  1. About Log360
  2. Release Overview

    1. 5.1 (GA)
      • Build 5120

        Released on 4 July, 2019

        New features

        • New login settings
          • Captcha has been included in the login page for increased security.
          • Block users: You can now set a threshold for login attempts. On reaching that threshold, the user will be blocked from trying to login for a specific period.
          • Smart card authentication: The use of smart cards/PKI/certificates has been enabled as additional options for Log360 login. If you have such an authentication system configured in your organization, Log360 can be configured to authenticate users through it, bypassing other first factor methods.
          • Two-factor authentication: Log360 now provides an extra layer of security for its users by supporting two-factor authentication during login. Supported authentication methods include:
            1. Duo Security
            2. RSA SecurID
            3. RADIUS Authentication
            4. Google Authenticator
            5. Email verification
            6. SMS verification
        • SSL Certification tool to help you easily generate CSR and apply SSL certificates in Log360 to make the product safer for data transfer.
        • Database migration: Now you can easily change Log360's bundled PostgreSQL database to Microsoft SQL Server or another instance of PostgreSQL from the web console.


        • Backup Log360's data on Microsoft SQL Servers, in addition to PostgreSQL databases.
        • Navigate to all the individual components of Log360 from the single tray icon.
        • View upcoming events such as webinars, workshops, and seminars from the Support tab.


        • Issue in synchronizing devices has been fixed.
      • Build 5111
      • Build 5110
      • Build 5108
      • Build 5107
      • Build 5102
      • Build 5100
    2. 5.0 (GA)