Security recommendations for Mobile Device Manager Plus

Mobile Device Manager Plus enables organizations to simplify the management of devices and enhance corporate data security. In order to ensure compliance and secure the corporate data accessible from the web console, Mobile Device Manager Plus provides the following security recommendations. Please note this is not an exhaustive list and IT admins can configure additional security settings as well.

Server settings

On-premise Mobile Device Manager Plus users can configure the following settings to secure the installed server:

Mobile Device Manager Plus Cloud users can use Zoho Accounts to:

The following settings can be configured for both Mobile Device Manager Plus on-premises and cloud versions.

Enrollment settings

  • Enroll corporate-owned devices using the following enrollment methods based on the supported platforms to ensure devices always remain under management even after being factory reset:
  • Enable two factor authentication for enrolling devices to Mobile Device Manager Plus.
  • Restrict the option to perform a factory reset and device wipe on corporate devices to prevent users from removing devices from management.
  • Enable enterprise factory reset protection on Android devices to prevent unauthorized use of devices after factory reset.
  • Restrict the option that allows user to remove ME MDM app on corporate devices that have not been enrolled using the above mentioned enrollment methods to prevent them from being removed from management.
  • Enable the option to detect and remove jailbroken and rooted devices to ensure only compliant devices access corporate data.

Inventory settings

  • Schedule regular device scans to ensure the device details remain up to date.

Device settings

  • Configure Device Privacy Settings to ensure only the details required by Mobile Device Manager Plus for management and data permitted by the local and global compliance laws are stored on the server.
  • Configure the Terms of Use policies to be displayed to the device users and obtain their consent before collecting and storing device information on Mobile Device Manager Plus' server to ensure user privacy.