Network user reports 

Your organization needs continuous access to information so that performance review and decision-making can be improved. Network reports in Network Configuration Manager serve this purpose by presenting comprehensive data about the ins and outs of your network. They attend to various levels of function and activity within your network, helping you understand where the faults are and what needs to be optimized for better performance.

Whenever network downtime occurs, admins typically look for a configuration change implemented by a user that may have caused it. In cases like this, network report would present the full picture of all the users that were present on the network that day along with what changes were made and when. Moreover, an admin should be able to track users over the network and detect unauthorized access or configuration changes. In the absence of reports, such tasks become tedious, if not impossible.

Network user reports are a set of reports offered by Network Configuration Manager. The reports in this category include network user access report, configuration upload request reports, and user audit reports. All these reports present a quick summary of the network at the user level.

User access reports

Network user access report conveys the full list of users that have access to your network. The report will show the username, access level, and email of each user. When clicking on a user, you can drill down to reveal more details, including host name, IP address, and device accessed. Click User Access Report in the Reports tab to access and generate the report.

Network User Reports - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

Configuration upload request reports

Users with access to your network devices can make configuration change requests. These requests go to the admin and only after approval will the configuration change be executed. Configuration upload request reports, under network user reports, give you an overview of the status of such requests. The report will have distinct tables showing pending, approved, and rejected requests. You can get the report by clicking Configuration Upload Request Report in the Reports tab.

Network User Access Reports - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager

User audit reports

User audit reports, under network user reports, present a detailed summary of user operations, listing what type of operation was executed along with the time and source (IP address). This enables an IT admin to understand the who, what, and when of user operations in a network. You can get this report by clicking User Audit in the Reports tab.

Report for user network - ManageEngine Network Configuration Manager


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