Approval Mechanism for Configuration Upload

Uploading configuration changes to devices is an important task and requires due care and in-depth knowledge of configuration syntax. Faulty configuration changes could leave security holes. Hence, the security policy of many enterprises require certain types of changes carried out by certain levels of users to be reserved for review and approval by top administrators prior to the deployment of the changes.

Network Configuration Manager comes with three pre-defined access levels:

  • Administrator
  • Power User
  • Operator

Do you want to regulate changes to your device configurations? Our experts can show you how to set up an approval mechanism using Network Configuration Manager.

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The users with the role administrator will have all privileges to access, edit and push configuration of all devices. 'Power Users' will have privileges to access, edit and push configuration of specified devices. Users with the role 'Operator' will not be allowed to push configuration changes to devices. If they want to modify the configuration, they can send requests for configuration upload (pushing configuration) to administrators, who will verify the changes and approve/reject the request.