Real-time configuration change tracking and effective change management policies

Unauthorized configuration changes often wreak havoc to the business continuity and hence detecting changes is a crucial task. Detection should be real-time to have effective control. Network Configuration Manager offers real-time configuration change detection.

Most of the devices generate syslog messages whenever their configuration undergoes a change. By listening to these messages, it is possible to detect any configuration change in the device. Network Configuration Manager leverages this change notification feature of devices to provide real-time change detection and tracking.

Real-time tracking comes in handy for administrators to keep track of the changes being made and to detect any unauthorized changes. By enabling this, administrators can

  1. Capture configuration as and when changes happen
  2. Get real-time notifications on change detection
  3. Find information on who carried out the change and from where (the IP address)
  4. Detect unauthorized changes on real-time