Schedule Configuration Backup

Device configurations need to be backed up often in order to maintain a repository of backups ready to be restored in case of emergencies. In large enterprises with more number of devices, this task of getting the device configuration backup up becomes a huge mundane task taking up most of the time of an admin. Being able to

schedule configuration backups

will free up a network admin's time to do productivity enhancing tasks.

Schedule device config backup

With Network Configuration Manager, an admin can

schedule configuration backup

at any time interval. Notifications for failure in backup and changes in configuration can also be configured while

scheduling configuration backup.

Network Configuration Manager allows the admin to select individual devices to be scheduled for configuration backup and also, bulk schedule up-to 250 devices per schedule. The configuration backup can be scheduled hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and also for once. This gives the admin the flexibility of

scheduling configuration backup

after working hours when the task will not clog the bandwidth.

Email notifications can be configured to receive alerts about the schedule. The notification can be configured for multiple email addresses.

Although scheduling is a great time-saver, a syslog based configuration backup misses no change in your network. With automated configuration backups, minimise your effort and trigger backups for every valid configuration change in your network, so that you have the latest configuration files to save your day.

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