Migrate a Desktop Central server

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How to migrate a Desktop Central server installation from one computer to another without losing any data?

While planning to migrate your Desktop Central Server, data loss becomes a threatening concern. This document will provide you the steps to migrate your Desktop Central server without losing any data.

Note: Do not download a fresh EXE from the website and install in the new computer; you should only copy the installation directory to the new computer.

For information about the operating systems which support Desktop Central, read the Supported Operating Systems section.

Steps for migration vary with respect to the Desktop Central version you are currently using. Click on the suitable build number to know the steps. Update to the latest version here.

Note: To migrate your Desktop Central server architecture from 32 bit to 64 bit click here.

  • For build numbers 10.0.205 and above
    1. Use existing server's FQDN / IP address.
      • In this method, you will assign your current server's FQDN/Machine Name/IP address to a new computer. As the existing server details are used, agent-server communication will not be interrupted and the existing server machine can be immediately shutdown.
      • Read this page, for the steps to migrate your server using this method.
    2. Change server's FQDN / IP Address
      • In this method, you will provide the IP, FQDN and machine name of the computer to which you wish to migrate your Desktop Central Server. Your existing server set-up has to be running as your agents will communicate with the existing server and fetch the FQDN, Machine Name and IP Address of the new server.
      • Read this page, for the steps to migrate your server using this method.

  • For build numbers 10.0.204 and below
  • Update to the latest Desktop Central version here.

    Important note:

    1. If you have configured Failover server, contact support team for migration assistance.
    2. Do not download a fresh EXE from the website and install in the new computer; you should only copy the installation directory to the new computer.
    3. Ensure that the patch and software ropositories are reachable from the new Desktop Central Server after migration. Desktop Central service will not be initiated otherwise.
    4. After migration, ensure all your agents are contacting the Desktop Central server in the new installation. Until then do not uninstall your old server set up.
    5. If you are changing your NAT settings, ensure you re-enroll all your managed mobile devices.

    Steps to be performed in existing installation

    1. Ensure that the new location of the patch and software repositories are configured and accessible from the machine where the Desktop Central Server has been moved to.

      • Location of Patch Repository: Patch Management tab -> Downloaded Patches -> Settings.
      • Location of Software Repository : Software Deployment -> Software Repository -> HTTP repository.

    2. For seamless agent communication ensure you have enabled Automatically detect and save the IP Address change in Admin tab -> Agent Settings.

    3. Configure the New Server Details in Admin ->DC Server Migration page and fill out all the mandatory fields. This step is important to make all the agents communicate with the new server.

    4. After following the above steps, stop the service of your Desktop Central Server.

    5. Manually copy the Desktop Central installation directory named DesktopCentral_Server and paste it in the new computer where you are going to install the Desktop Central server. Ensure to copy all the folders including the empty ones.

    6. From Command Prompt in administrator mode, navigate to <Installation_Dir>/bin and execute the command server-migration.bat enable.
      Example : C:\Program Files\DesktopCentral_Server\bin>server-migration.bat enable

    7. Executing this script will disable the Desktop Central Service and you will not be able to connect to the web console. The "MEDC Server Component - Apache" service will alone run to redirect the agents and distribution servers to the new server.

    Steps to be followed in new installation.

    1. From command Prompt in administrator mode, execute the Migrate-DCServer.bat from the bin folder (from the copied location).
      Example : C:\Program Files\DesktopCentral_Server\bin>Migrate-DCServer.bat

    2. Add TCP ports used by Desktop Central to the Firewall exception list and add the Desktop Central folder to the anti-virus exception list. (List of ports used by Desktop Central)

    3. Start the Desktop Central server
    Do not remove the old setup until all the agents start reporting to the new setup. The Desktop Central agents and the distribution servers, during their next contact, will pick up the details of the new server and start communicating with the new server subsequently. You will need to run the Desktop Central Servers at both the installations till all the agents start reporting to the new server.


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