Release Notes

EventLog Analyzer - Release Notes

Listed here are the feature enhancements and bug fixes in each release update of EventLog Analyzer.

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10.0 - Build 10000 (GA)

10.0 - Build 10000 - Standalone Edition

New Features:

  • Log collection and processing rate has been improved to 10x from the previous mark. EventLog Analyzer version 10 and above can handle 20,000 logs per second with the peak log handling capacity of 25,000 logs per second
  • 1000+ out-of-the-box reports for security, compliance and operations needs
  • Enhanced real-time event response system with 600+ predefined alert criteria for Windows, Linux/Unix, Applications and Network Device environment.


  • File Integrity Monitoring

    • Ability to filter critical changes to files/folders based on the file type
    • Ability to display the process name and domain name in file integrity monitoring reports
    • Option to enable and disable File Integrity Monitoring
    • Addition of more default templates
    • Ability to save/edit alert and report enhancement with option to select User Name & Change Type
    • Ability to drill down the file integrity monitoring report graph
    • File attribute changes and ownership changes are now being captured under critical file/folder changes
  • Search

    • Ability to save the search results as alerts
    • Inclusion of auto suggestions for field values
    • Sorting of the index data for improved search performance
  • Correlation

    • Custom correlation rule builder that allows to create pattern based alerting by selecting the existing correlation rules
    • Ability to specify the threshold limits for each rule in the defined pattern.
  • Session Activity Changes

    • Added Duration and Log off time fields at 'Session Activity' page
    • Ability to search through the session activity reports
    • Session activity reports can now be saved

Other Fixes

  • Fix to enabling AD authentication issue while importing user from AD groups.
  • Fix to the search pagination issue
  • Vulnerability fixes - URL Injection
    • Authentication problems
    • Database injection
    • Stored password encryption changes
    • Agent zip extraction
  • Fix to the User based and iSeries User based Reports breaks while exporting with no user name in the database
  • Fix to the PDF export issue that occurred after mouse hover search from Custom Reports, while exporting all the events instead of filtered events.
  • Fix to Event ID based direct export breaks when severtity parameter is not appended in URL
  • Custom alert 'Not Equals' was not working for option 'Type'. This issue was fixed.

GA Release of EventLog Analyzer 10.0 - Build 10000 - Distributed Edition

  • Managed Server contains all the features of EventLog Analyzer Standalone Edition Version 10.0 Build 10000
  • No changes specific to Distributed Edition Admin Server in this release
Customer Speaks
"Windows Event logs and device Syslogs are a real time synopsis of what is happening on a computer or network. EventLog Analyzer is an economical, functional and easy-to-utilize tool that allows me to know what is going on in the network by pushing alerts and reports, both in real time and scheduled. It is a premium software Intrusion Detection System application."
Jim Lloyd
Information Systems Manager
First Mountain Bank