IPv6 Address Management

Considering the fast depletion of IPv4 addresses, transition to IPv6 is inevitable. Enterprise adoption to IPv6 is on the rise eventually increasing the need for managing IPv6 addresses using automated IPAM software. OpUtils, in addition to managing IPv4 addresses, helps enterprises to automate management of IPv6 addresses. Administrators can quickly discover/add their IPv6 addresses, add Global Prefix/ Subnets and scan them periodically to get the status.

IPv6 Management Features

  • Automatic discovery of IPv6 Addresses
  • Add Global Prefix, Sites and Split Subnets with intuitive user interface
  • Hierarchical Tree view of subnets for easy identification
  • Scheduled Scanning at periodic intervals for an up-to-date information on the status
  • Out-of-the-box and custom reporting for ready reference and action

Automatic Discovery & Scanning

OpUtils automatically discovers the IPv6 addresses in your network, which automatically gets moved to the Global Prefix or the Sites and Subnets that you add. The IPv6 subnets are represented hierarchically in the tree view for easier identification. With flexible and scheduled scanning options, you can get an accurate and reliable status of your IPv6 address space and any given time.

Role Based Access

With OpUtils’ Role based access, you can ensure only authorized users gets access to manage you IPv6 address space.  And it does not stop there, every action that is performed gets logged in to the system for auditing

Powerful Reporting & Search

OpUtils provides a set of predefined reports to to help you get a quick snapshot of your entire IP space. It also allows you to create your own customized reports to meet your specific need. You can also make the reports available in your mail box to access them from anywhere.