How To - Capture Online Image


This document will explain you about the steps involved in capturing online imaging.


There are two stages in capturing the online image, they are

Installing the OS Deployer agent remotely

Peform the following steps from OS Deployer console:

  1. Select Tools -> Install Components Remotely
  2. Select  From Registered Components 
  3. Select "ManageEngine OSDeployer 5 Management Agent " 
  4. Select required machine from which master image should be capture and provide credentials (Local administrator / Domain Administrator ) to remotely install the agent. 

  5. After providing credentials and click Next and the agent will be successfully installed. 


Capturing the image online

  1. Click on Action >> Create Image 

  2. Select A Master Image, 

  3. Select the required machine where the "ManageEngine OSDeployer 5 Management Agent "   was installed and provide credentials (Local Administrator /  Domain Administrator) 

  4. Select the required partitions or all partitions as required. 

  5. Note : If partition "System" or "System Reserved" partition is listed in the view, ensure it is selected as well along other partitions. 

  6. Provide the network share path / Media Location where the image file should be stored.
    Note : Ensure the the network share you provide above has "Write" access set to everyone. 
  7. Select image creations options as required

  8. Verify the summary and click on "Create" for capture the image.

You have successfully created an online image.

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