Integrate your desktop management

Take the first step in PC life cycle management with OS deployment. Reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) by effectively managing your desktops and servers. With software to manage tasks including, deployment of the required software and version updates, periodic patching, asset management, software license management, software metering, troubleshoot them when required, configuration and security policies (USB, CD ROM), you can acheive complete PC life cycle management. With ManageEngine Desktop Central you can meet the desktop management needs of your organization. The simple integration of OS Deployer with Desktop Central makes your job easy.

How does it work?

Desktop Central uses a thin agent component to perform your desktop management activities.

Using post deployment customization, provides the ability to automatically install the Desktop Central Agents in the target computers. Installing the agents will enable Desktop Central to automatically manage the newly provisioned computers that gets added in your network.

To install the Desktop Central agents after OS deployment follow these steps:

In the OS Deployer post deployment action, choose to transfer the DesktopCentralAgent.msi located in a network share and select to execute this file with the parameter "ENABLESILENT=YES".

Add Files to Transfer

Fig: Add Desktop Central agent from the network share

View the Files to be Transferred

Fig: View the Files to be Transferred

This will install the Desktop Central agents automatically in all the newly provisioned computers. Now, these computers can be managed using Desktop Central to perform the following functions:

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