What's New

  1. Updated multicast protocol that enables up to 5 times faster deployment (compared to ManageEngine OS Deployer 4) to multiple machines across a network.
  2. Support for Windows 8.1 including Update 1 and Windows Server 2012 R2.
  3. The Universal Deploy feature is now included in all ManageEngine OS Deployer 5 licenses.
  4. New Linux kernel version (3.11.6) in Linux-based bootable media. The bootable media makes a better hardware support.
  5. Deployment to a machine running Windows can be started while the machine is online.
  6. The 32-bit UEFI firmware interface is now supported for master and target machines.
  7. ManageEngine PXE Server now supports UEFI booting.
  8. Support for WinPE 5.0
  9. Automatic switch to unicast if multicast fails during deployment is disabled.

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