Post-Deployment Customization

Customize Post Deployment configurations

OS Deployer does not stop with deploying the image to the target computers. It also provides the ability to perform post-deployment configuration on the target computers that includes configuring the computer name, domain participation, network settings etc. Some of the important post-deployment actions that can be performed using OS Deployer include:

  • User Accounts: To specify the local user accounts that needs to be created in the target computers
  • Computer Name: To specify the DNS name for the target computer. You can use wild card characters to generate unique names
  • Domain/ Workgroup Membership: The details of the domain or workgroup to which the target computer belong
  • Network Settings: To specify the IP Address and the DNS Server IP for the target computers.
  • Security Identifiers: To generate and assign unique security identifiers (SIDs) for the target computers.
  • Transferring Files: To transfer specific files to the target computers
  • Executing Applications: To start the service applications on the target computers.

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