OS Deployer 4


OS Imaging and Deployment Software

Post-Deployment Customization

Configure Network Settings, Domain Membership, User Accounts, and Security Identifiers

OS Deployer does not stop with deploying the image to the target computers. It provides the ability to perform post-deployment configuration on the target computers that includes configuring the computer name, domain participation, network settings etc. Some of the important post-deployment actions that can be performed using OS Deployer include:

  • User Accounts: Specify the local user accounts that needs to be created in the target computers
  • Computer Name: Specify the DNS name for the target computer. You can use wild card characters to generate unique names
  • Domain/ Workgroup Membership: The details of the domain or workgroup to which the target computer belong
  • Network Settings: Specify the IP Address and the DNS Server IP for the target computers.
  • Security Identifiers: To generate and assign unique security identifiers (SIDs) for the target computers.
  • Transferring Files: To transfer specific files to the target computers
  • Executing Applications: To start the service applications on the target computers.