What's New? in Version 7.8

April 20, 2011

Customer Portal

Customize the look and feel and create multiple Portals

With Customer Portal Settings, you can transform the entire portal page into a flexible and feasible interface for your customers.

Multiple portals can be created with one or more business Units associated to them. Organizations can specify which business unit or products the portal users can access.  Learn More

Moving request across Business Units

Allows you to move the requests across business units. An unknowingly raised request can be moved to its correct business unit using this option. There are two options available to move a request across business units. In the first option, the request will be moved to the target business unit as a New Request and in the second option, in addition to creating a new request, the application allows the Support Rep to select or assign values to the fields in the target business unit.

Copy Accounts & Contacts

Accounts & their Sub-accounts along with the advisory details can be copied across business units. While copying the Accounts, the Contact and other information like products, tasks and events will not be copied.

Instead of adding the same Contacts in different business units, now you have the option of copying Contacts across various business units. The copy option enables to copy Contacts along with account and sub-account details associated with it.

Make Unused Accounts Inactive

Over a period, you might want to make unused accounts inactive. When an account is made inactive, it no longer gets listed in the places wherever the Account selection is being made. The inactive accounts can be re-activated at any time. However, if you search for accounts, you can find them in Search Results.

Widget in Contact login

The administrator can now show text, video or HTML output in the form of a widget in the Contact login, by creating a custom widget for registered Contacts.

Views can be reordered

Now the SupportCenter Plus Interface allows you to reorder and move your important views to the top across all modules. You also have an option to show or hide the views.

Korean Language Support

Korean language has been added.

Other enhancements

  • Link to view Account information is provided from Contract details page.
  • While viewing a Solution, the title bar of the web browser displays the Title of the solution.
  • Mark the First Response of a Request - The response for a request need not always be a written reply via the SupportCenter interface, it can be even a phone call to provide resolution for a request. In that case, a Support rep can mark the responded date using the Mark as First Response sent option from the Actions drop down
  • Link to update request - account association in contact details page
  • 'Inactive Status' field has been included in Account's Reports.