VoIP Monitor FAQs

If I have 500 VoIP phones, how many OpManager VoIP monitoring add-on do I need?

The licensing depends on the number of VoIP links and not on the number of IP phones. OpManager doesn't monitor the VoIP phones or Per Call Quality metrics, so the number of VoIP phones is not considered.

OpManager leverages Cisco IP SLA (Service Level Agreements) to monitor the performance of VoIP connectivity between remote sites. That is, from the source device (Usually a Cisco Router) to a destination IP address, OpManager can tell you where exactly a potential performance bottleneck (in a VoIP link) is. Hence this add-on is priced based on the number of VoIP links that you wish to monitor.

To know more about Cisco IP SLA, refer www.cisco.com/go/ipsla.

Is the VoIP Monitor a separate download file?

No, the VoIP Monitor is not a separate downloadable file. The VoIP Monitor features are in-built from OpManager builds 7204 onward. The VoIP Monitor is available as an add-on to OpManager at $595.

I am evaluating OpManager. Can I test the VoIP Monitor add-on features on the present OpManager evaluation copy I have with me?

Your evaluation copy will have the VoIP Monitor features available if you are using an OpManager build later than build number 7204. Visit this page for upgrade procedures if you are using an older build.

I am an existing OpManager customer. How do I get the latest VoIP Monitor add-on?

You first need to ensure you are using the latest build of OpManager - Build no. 7204. The Service Packs page has the upgrade packs and fixes required to upgrade older OpManager builds to the latest build. Then purchase the VoIP Monitor Add-on license and apply it to the latest build. Visit our store to purchase the Add-on license.

What are the VoIP QoS metrics measured by OpManager?

The OpManager VoIP Monitor monitors critical VoIP and video Quality of Service statistics such as:

  • Packet loss - the data lost during transmission (in percentage)
  • Delay - the time taken for a caller's voice at the source site to reach the other caller at the destination site (in milliseconds)
  • Jitter - the variation in the delay of received packets (in milliseconds).
  • MOS - The Mean Opinion Score is a standard for measuring voice codecs and is measured in the scale of 1 to 5 (poor quality to perfect quality). The quality of transmitted speech is a subjective response of the listener.

What is IP SLA?

OpManager VoIP Monitor relies on this technology to collect QoS metrics. The Cisco IOS IP Service Level Agreements(SLAs) is a Cisco technology use active monitoring to generate traffic in a continuous, reliable, and predictable manner, thus enabling the measurement of network performance and health. Visit this link to know more on Cisco IP SLA.

I do not have a VoIP system in place but I am planning to implement. Do I need the VoIP Monitor add-on?

The OpManager VoIP Monitor helps you decide on whether your network infrastructure can handle any additional traffic by way of VoIP calls or video traffic. All that is needed is two Cisco routers and the OpManager VoIP Monitor will help find the effects (such as bandwidth changes) of the proposed additional VoIP or Video traffic, apart from showing what would be the quality (packet loss, delay, jitter, MOS) of video/VoIP calls.

Need more clarification or assistance, reach us @ http://support.opmanager.com

How to change the threshold for a VoIP monitor?

  • You can change the threshold values for a VoIP monitor by following the given steps:
  • Open OpManager and visit Settings -> Monitoring -> IPSLA.
  • Click on the VoIP Threshold Template tab.
  • Configure the values of the upper limit and lower limit for the metrics given below. (Alarms will be generated when the observed value falls below the configured limit.)
  • Finally click Save to set the threshold values.


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