Self Service Password Management

ADSelfService Plus Release Notes

Release Notes for build 5103 (Apr 2014)


  • You can now export the restricted users list in a desired file format
  • Now completely exclude restricted users from showing up anywhere in the product


  • Issue in automatic password reset
  • Issue in accessing native mobile apps and mobile webapp
  • Issue in displaying verification code enrollment information when email option alone is enabled
  • Issue with displaying header logo in scheduled reports when HTML is selected as the storage format

Release Notes for build 5102 (Mar 2014)


  • Alternate Email IDs and Mobile numbers of users stored in any AD attribute can now be used for sending verification codes.
  • Admins can auto-enroll users by importing their Email IDs and/or Mobile Numbers from a CSV file or external database.

Release Notes for build 5101 (Mar 2014)


  • Now you can select the protocol (HTTP/HTTPS) to be used for Mac login agent during installation itself


  • Issue in generating user reports when the database (PostgreSQL) server is installed in another machine
  • Issue that force users to go back or sign out when they login using Single Sign-On
  • Issue in saving ‘Automatic Reset Password’ settings
  • Issue in accessing the help guide when context path is added
  • Issue in translating the label ‘Description’ when reports are exported

Release Notes for build 5100 (Feb 2014)


  • Login Agent for Mac OS X to allow AD domain users to reset passwords and unlock accounts right from the OS X login screen itself.
  • Group-based configuration of self-service policies, enrollment settings and password synchronizer for fine-grained management.
  • Now self-service policies will take effect based on their priorities as set by the admin.


  • Issue in saving report schedulers.
  • Issue in performing quick search in reports.
  • Issue in showing the status of change password actions when enrollment is disabled.

Release Notes for build 5041 (Jan 2014)


  • Added an option to email generated reports


  • Issue with updating profile details when the update button is clicked more than once
  • Issue with updating the Advanced Policy Configuration settings from Security Center

Release Notes for build 5040 (Jan 2014)


  • Password Expiry Notifier is now part of our FREE Edition; allows you to notify UNLIMITED users. Also, gains a slew of enhancements including:
    • SMS notifications to alert users of their impending password expiry
    • Option to select users based on groups for sending password expiry notifications
    • Ability to schedule and send reports of users’ password/account expiry to their managers
    • Send password expiry notifications immediately with the ‘Run Now’ option
    • You can now notify password expired users too
  • Enabling SSO now requires you to configure NTLMv2, which has been added to enhance security
  • Option to hide ‘Click here to troubleshoot’ link in Reset Password / Unlock Account failure page


  • Issue in removing added OUs while configuring GINA/CP scheduler
  • Issue in enabling the ‘Force User to prove their identity via both verification methods’ option

How to Upgrade?

Highlights of Previous Releases (build 4500 to 5032)

  • Unified Self-Service Password Management -Synchronize Windows Active Directory Password/Account changes made using ADSelfService Plus with range of cloud-based and on-premise apps. The following apps are supported:
    • Google Apps
    • Office 365
    • Salesforce
    • Zoho
    • IBM AS400 / iSeries
    • HP UX systems
    • Oracle Database
    • Oracle E-business Suite
  • Free iPhone & Android App for self-service password management: ADSelfService Plus native apps for iPhone and Android allows end-users to reset their lost passwords, unlock their locked-out accounts, change their expiring passwords and synchronize password changes with a variety of non-Windows systems and cloud-based applications remotely from their iOS and Android devices. Get the free app from Get the Apps.
  • Mobile Web App: Mobile browser support for devices running on any platform including Android, iOS and Windows Mobile
  • Mobile App Rebranding: Ability to customize mobile app with your own company logo
  • Mail Group Subscription: Self-Service Mail Group Subscription to allow users to subscribe to or unsubscribe from mail groups of their choice
  •  SMS/E-Mail Verification Codes to provide additional security when End-Users Reset Password / Unlock Accounts
  • Enforce Stronger Passwords with "Password Strength Analyzer"
  • Instant DC Updater: The actions by a user (password reset or account unlock), can be instantly updated between sites and across all or specified domain controllers
  • Enrollment Notification: Scheduler to invite the 'non-enrolled & new domain' users to enroll with ADSelfService Plus as well as delivery reports for the notifications.
  • Force Users to Enroll - Now force users to enroll with ADSelfService Plus as soon as they log in to their machines.
  • Extract Audit Reports specific to a domain with the help of built-in filters.
  • Heightened security against 'Cross-site scripting', 'CSRF issue', and 'Denial of Service attack'.
  • SSL Certification Tool: Helps you to generate CSR and offers guidelines to install SSL certificate
  • Report Scheduler: Scheduler for mailing admin the detailed reports of ADSelfService Plus (User, Audit & Enrollment Reports)
  • Restrict User Scheduler: Scheduler for restricting the inactive users of a domain from accessing the application
  • Support for Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 operating systems
  • Support for Postgres Database server (as product database) in addition to already supported MySQL and MS SQL databases.
  • Support for 17 languages including Dutch, Swedish, Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and Arabic.
  • Support for 3rd party GINA/CP agents:ADSelfService Plus is now compatible with the following 3rd party GINA/CP agents:
    • Zenworks Endpoint Security agent
    • 2X agent
    • Toshiba Logon Provider
    • Cisco NAC agent
    • OneX Credential Provider
    • Sophos Safeguard Disk Encryption
    • Cisoc VPN client
    • Checkpoint Full Disk Encryption (pre-boot authentication not supported)

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Some other benefits of ADSelfService Plus - Self Service Reset Password Management

List of Other Features in ADSelfService Plus »

Other Features
Self Service Unlock Account

Self Unlock Account

Free Active Directory users from lengthy help desk calls with ADSelfService Plus's self-account unlock option. Unlocking an account with ADSelfService Plus is child's play!
Self Directory Update

Self Directory Update

Portal that lets Active Directory users update their latest information without the help desk assistance. Self-update feature also ensures that Active Directory database is up-to-date with the user profile changes.
Password/Account Expiry Notification

Password/Account Expiry Notification

Intimate Active Directory users of their impending password/account expiry by mailing them these password/account expiry notifications.
Active Directory Change Password

Active Directory Change Password

Hassle-free password change for Active Directory users with ADSelfService Plus. Without help desk assitance users can change their passwords from 'Change Password' console.
Corporate Directory Search

Corporate Directory Search

A quick search facility that enables Active Directory users to scout for information about peers by using search keys like phone no., e-mail id, first/ last name of the personality being searched.