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  Google Workspace backup

Google Workspace provides limited functionalities to protect against simple, common issues such as accidental deletion of data, and more malicious activities like ransomware attacks. It only provides a Recycle Bin from which users can recover deleted objects, but the data in the Recycle Bin is automatically deleted after 30 days. This is one reason why you need a complete Google Workspace backup and recovery solution like ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus.

With RecoveryManager Plus, the enterprise application backup and recovery component of AD360, you can back up all items in your Gmail (including all emails, contacts, journals, notes, posts, and tasks), Calendar, and User Drive data. You can use these backups to restore any data when necessary, irrespective of when the data was deleted.



There are many threats to your Gmail data: accidental deletions, malicious deletions, or even ransomware attacks. Any of these threats could result in important emails being rendered inaccessible at a time of need. In addition to these threats, Google's own deletion policy introduces a new challenge to data security. Any email deleted in the trash folder will stay there for a period of 30 days, after which it will be automatically purged from Google's data centers. These challenges can be overcome if you have a potent backup and recovery solution.

With RecoveryManager Plus, back up all parts of your Gmail mailbox and recover from any data disaster. Recover deleted emails even if they have been purged from the recycle bin and Google's data centers. In case of ransomware attacks, restore your entire mailbox to a previous point in time before the attack. Automate your mailbox backups and rest easy knowing your data is safe, no matter what disaster befalls your mailboxes


  User drives

Many of us use our Google Drives as the ultimate backup location for all our important files but the storage platform is not infallible. In fact, with so many critical documents being stored on it on a daily basis in any organization, it is imperative to have it backed up regularly.

Just like all other Google Workspace services, the data in Google Drives are also prone to data loss due to multiple reasons such as accidental deletion, malicious deletion, ransomware attacks, and more. Moreover, Google Drive empties files from trash 30 days after they’re moved to trash. Administrators have a 25 day window to recover files removed from trash, beyond which the files are lost forever.

Problems like these can be easily overcome with a Google Workspace backup and recovery solution like RecoveryManager Plus. Back up all data in Google Drives and store them securely within the premises or in the cloud. When faced with a need where a single file is missing or the entire drive is infected, restore the data needed from backups in a matter of minutes.


  Google Contacts

Google Contacts are integrated with Gmail, Drive, and Calendar. Additionally, contacts are also synced with your mobile phone. Any contact deletion that happens on your phone is synced to your Google contacts as well. While Google provides administrators with an option to recover deleted contacts within 30 days of deleting them, it is impossible to recover contacts that were deleted before that. Google automatically purges all deleted items such as contacts and notes after 30 days.

With a Google Workspace backup and recovery solution like RecoveryManager Plus, you can securely back up all your contacts and store the backups within your premises or in the cloud. You can restore any contact in a few simple clicks, even if the contact has been purged from Google data centers.


  Google Calendar

Google Calendar, like Gmail and Google Drives, is susceptible to data loss. Data being deleted or modified due to third-party apps that have access to edit your calendar can introduce chaos into your workday.

This problem can be resolved with a Google Workspace backup and recovery solution like ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus. This solution enables you to back up all entries in your calendars and store them securely within your premises or in the cloud. In case of disasters, you can restore all calendar entries from your backups in a matter of minutes.



    Automated incremental backups

    Back up just the changes since the last backup cycle.


    Snapshot view

    Preview how your backup looked at any time in the past, and restore your entire mailbox to that version.


    Granular recovery

    Recover any small entity, like an individual email, note, or task.


    Restoration preview

    Preview content, attachments, and documents from Google Workspace backups before restoring them.


    Multiple domain support

    Add multiple Google Workspace domains to RecoveryManager Plus, and back up all from a single console.


    Restore to different users

    Restore backup data to the same mailbox or a different mailbox based on your need.


    Backup retention

    Define a retention period for your Google Workspace backups, and automatically discard older backups.


    Multiple storage options

    Store Google Workspace backups within your premises or in Azure Blob Storage and Azure file shares.



    Compress backups up to a maximum of one-third of their original size to save storage space.



    Secure your Google Workspace backups with AES-256 encryption.

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