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Backup and restoration of all Active Directory objects. Restore entire objects or just specific attributes.

Recover Active Directory User's Group Membership

In an Active Directory (AD) environment, it's quite common for users to delete or modify AD data accidentally. In such situations, AD admins need to restore the user account without any loss in data, group membership, or any other AD attribute. The recovery process followed must be thorough and effective because the user's membership to various security or distribution groups might play a vital role in the user's everyday tasks. The best way to accomplish such a thorough restore is to use a solution that offers you complete control over your Active Directory.

Recovery Manager Plus from ManageEngine is one such change management software solution that helps you undo any modifications made to AD attributes. Using this solution, you can instantly restore all AD attributes, including group memberships. Recovery Manager Plus associates a user and a group object based on their membership information. Therefore, when a user is added or removed from a group, both the user object and group object are backed up. This aids in restoring the user's group memberships.

Highlights of RecoveryManager Plus:

  • Recover Group Membership of Deleted Users: When a deleted user object is restored, the group membership of the deleted object is also restored, along with other attributes.
  • Undo Accidental Modification: Instantly recovers modified group membership data within seconds.
  • Automatic Recovery of Linked Objects: When a deleted user is restored, the groups will also be restored to the last known state before deletion.
  • Group Membership History: You can view a user's complete group membership history like the groups to which the user was added to and the groups from which the user was deleted to carry out an effective recovery.
  • Restore Primary Group: Restores the primary group of a user when a user account is restored, ensuring that basic security permissions for that user are recovered when the user is restored.
  • Attribute level Restoration: The tool supports Attribute Level Restoration through which individual attributes like Member Of can be restored, thereby granting greater level of control to the administrator.
  • Forced Replication before Backup: All changes done to an object after the last replication cycle are force replicated before a backup. This ensures a consistent and a reliable backup that reflects even the most recent changes in group memberships and attributes.
  • Forced Replication after Recovery: The tool replicates the restored objects to all domain controllers after recovery, ensuring that the updated group membership information of the object are replicated to all other domain controllers.

Manually adding recovered user objects to their groups is a thing of the past with RecoveryManager Plus.

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