Data in the cloud is still your responsibility.
Back up your Exchange Online mailboxes now.


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Backup all mailbox items

Back up emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailboxes, and calendar entries.

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Perform restorations easily

Easily restore entire mailboxes or just individual items, like a single mail or a contact.

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Export mailbox content to PST

Export the contents of Exchange Online mailboxes to PST format, and store them securely.

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Exchange Online backup solution.

Microsoft takes care of 24/7/365 availability of your Office 365 services, but the onus of keeping the data in Exchange Online backed up is on you. With RecoveryManager Plus, the enterprise application backup and recovery component of AD360, you can back up all items in your Exchange Online mailboxes; you can also quickly and easily recover entire mailboxes or just a single email or contact. Back up emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailboxes, and calendar entries.


Exchange Online backup: do you really need it?

Moving to Exchange Online can provide benefits that an on-premises Exchange environment cannot. However, there's still a gap between the level of backup and restoration capabilities you should expect and what Microsoft provides.

Read this eBook to find out where Microsoft lags and how RecoveryManager Plus can bridge the gap.

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Reasons to chooseRecoveryManager Plus


Stay compliant with retention policies

Define a retention period for your backups, and automatically discard older backups.

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Cross-platform restoration

Restore to another Exchange Online mailbox or to a mailbox in on-premises Exchange.

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Advanced search filters

Use advanced search filters to search for a particular mailbox item across various backups.


Restoration preview

Preview content and attachments from backups before restoring emails.


Multiple tenant backups

Back up mailboxes in multiple Exchange Online tenants, and manage the backups from a single console.

Get RecoveryManager Plus for Exchange Online Backup.

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