SharePoint Online Restoration

Restore SharePoint Online documents and sites

SharePoint Online does not provide native backup and restoration features to protect the data contained in it. It only provides a recycle bin which may prevent accidental deletion, but the recycle bin has limited capabilities and only stores deleted objects for 90 days. There’s no option to recover items that were deleted more than 90 days ago, even by the IT administrator. Therefore, the IT administrators are responsible for implementing a backup and recovery solution for their SharePoint Online sites.

ManageEngine RecoveryManager Plus backs up all items in your SharePoint Online sites, and provides multiple ways to restore your data:

File-level restoration

With RecoveryManager Plus, you can restore deleted files from your backups in a few simple clicks, no matter when the file was deleted.

You can restore the items to the exact location they were deleted from, or to a new list, or even to a new SharePoint Online site, depending on your need. You can also restore files to any of their past versions instantly.

Site-level restoration

With RecoveryManager Plus, you can restore entire SharePoint Online sites from a backup in a few simple clicks.

This solution allows you to maintain the site structure and all share permissions when you restore sites, and it enables users to get back to work as soon as the restoration is complete.

Download backed up data

With RecoveryManager Plus, you can directly download the files and folders from any SharePoint Online backup, even if the file or folder is not present on that SharePoint Online site. This way, you can download a copy of the files that may have been deleted long ago, without having to restore them to the SharePoint Online site first.

If your SharePoint Online site is approaching its storage limit, you could even delete a few large files from your site temporarily with the knowledge that you can download the files from RecoveryManager Plus whenever needed.

Protect all files in your SharePoint Online environment from accidental deletions.

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