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There can be many reasons for wanting to roll back Active Directory to an earlier state: a script error that has modified multiple AD attributes for many objects, accidental deletion of objects, and so on.

With RecoveryManager Plus, the enterprise application backup and recovery component of AD360, you can easily roll back your AD objects to an earlier state, thus undoing any changes performed in the intermediate period. The rollback feature creates rollback points for every backup operation performed and lets you go back in time and choose from several available rollback points for a selected date. These roll back points allow you to recover the entire directory or portions of it such as a selection of objects or even specific attributes of an object as per your requirement.

The rollback feature in RecoveryManager Plus allows you to roll back your AD to an error-free state without shutting down or restarting your domain controller, thereby ensuring constant availability of directory services for your users.


1. Versatile functionalities

The feature enables you to perform operations like undo move, undo modification, undelete functionality, and many more. This level of change management lets you take complete control of your Active Directory data.

Undelete functionality

Recover any object deleted after the selected rollback point.

Delete functionality

Delete any object created after the selected rollback point.

Recycle functionality

Granularly recover deleted objects from the recycle bin based on your preference.

Undo move functionality

Move users back to the original location if they were moved after the selected rollback point.

Undo modification

Undo any change made to an object, such as group membership changes. GPO links, etc., after the selected rollback point.

2. Review option

Get a preview of values to be restored before initiating the actual rollback process to avoid restoring unwanted values.

3. Granular Recovery

Recover the entire directory or a particular object or even just an attribute as per your requirement.

4. Eliminate DC downtime

Guarantee 100% uptime of your domain controllers (DC) by performing restoration operations without having to restart or shut down your DCs to perform a recovery operation.

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