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Backup and restoration of all Active Directory objects. Restore entire objects or just specific attributes.

Active Directory group backup and recovery tool

Active Directory groups play a pivotal role in handling security permissions and authorizations. Groups are used to create email distribution lists. Unregulated or unauthorized additions or deletions of users to groups could jeopardize the security of sensitive resources or documents by providing access to unauthorized users. To prevent data breaches in such cases, a tool that tracks all changes made to the groups would be handy. However, tracking every change using Microsoft tools or PowerShell is almost impossible. You could instead use a tool that helps you track the changes and undo unwanted or potentially harmful changes.

A pragmatic solution to AD groups backup and recovery

RecoveryManager Plus is an Active Directory backup and recovery tool that tracks all changes made to AD groups and helps administrators reverse undesirable changes. Using this software, you can easily back up all changes made to a group's attributes. This allows administrators to analyze all modifications and reverse any individual change or even roll back the entire group to the desired state from a list of available restore points. If you are also looking for a way to manage and report on AD groups effortlessly, check out ADManager Plus, a purely GUI-based tool with predefined AD management capabilities and reports.

Highlights of RecoveryManager Plus:

The following features of RecoveryManager Plus makes it an ideal Active Directory backup tool, vital to any organization.

  • Restore Deleted Groups: Restore deleted groups and all their constituent members easily. Members of the group are also restored with all their attributes intact.
  • Group Membership History: Obtain the complete history of AD objects that have been added as members or removed from the group. This allows administrators to analyze the frequency in which group membership changes take place.
  • Groups' Exchange Attributes Recovery: Backup and restore the group's Exchange-related attributes like message size, message restrictions, and extension attributes, along with all other attributes of the group.
  • Restore Security Permissions: Restore security permissions and authorizations provided to security groups, along with any other attributes. This helps administrators avoid configuring the permissions or rights for the security groups from scratch.
  • Change Management: Backup any and all group attribute changes like addition or deletion of group members, linked attributes, and naming attributes. Any undesirable change can be reverted individually with the help of this utility.
  • RollBack Groups: Roll back any group to a previous point in time. This is particularly useful where multiple, unauthorized changes were made to a group.
  • Hierarchical Restoration: Restore deleted parent containers of the group while restoring deleted groups. When a group you wish to restore is in a deleted OU or a container, the deleted parent container is also restored along with the group.
  • Linked Attributes Recovery: Restore linked attributes like managedBy and memberOf when restoring a deleted group.
  • Version Management/Comparison: Each change made to groups and their attributes are stored as a different version in the backup.This empowers administrators to revert to their preferred version in the event of a disaster.

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