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Change management in Active Directory using RecoveryManager Plus

Changes to Active Directory can happen anytime without the knowledge of the administrator. Even the smallest of such undesired changes can snowball into a huge problem in the domain. The change may be a creation, or modification, or deletion of an object or its attributes. To track all such changes and reverse them is a tiresome and tedious task for any administrator. However, the Active Directory change management process can be made a lot simpler by using the right tools.

RecoveryManager Plus is an Active Directory change management software which offers you complete control over your Active Directory by enabling you to reverse any change that is unwanted. It gives you the ability to undo delete, undo move and undo any specific change made to an object or roll back Active Directory changes by letting you choose a specific rollback point.

Watch this short demo and find out how you can do all these actions using RecoveryManager Plus.


The highlights in RecoveryManager Plus that give you control over all the changes in your Active Directory are as follows:

  • Undelete functionality: Choose any specific rollback point in history and recover any object deleted post the selected rollback point thus giving you the power to undo delete operation in Active Directory.
  • Undo modification: Any changes made to an object or its attributes post the selected rollback point can be undone with ease.
  • Undo move functionality: An object moved from one OU to another can be undone by selecting the preferred rollback point.
  • Undo create functionality: RecoveryManager Plus offers you the flexibility to not only recover lost data but also erase unwanted data. Select any rollback point and delete any objects created post the rollback point.
  • Recycle functionality: Recover deleted Active Directory objects from the recycle bin. Owing to the high restoration granularity offered, you have the power to recover the entire object or specific attributes.
  • Version Control: Each backup is stored as a different version with a preview of the backup values and current values. This level of version management allows you to rollback to a particular point in time and restore the attribute values stored at that instance..

RecoveryManager Plus lets you manage the changes in Active Directory data with ease and versatility. Compared to native tools, RecoveryManager Plus offers greater simplicity and speed in tracking and restoring data to your preferred state.

Backup all changes made to AD objects and restore to any version.

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