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Roll back Azure Active Directory

There may be situations where administrators have to perform multiple changes to their Azure AD environment simultaneously. Any unintended action can result in a change in data to multiple objects, making it can be hard to track all the changes that were made unintentionally.

To prevent data loss in these scenarios, RecoveryManager Plus provides an Azure AD rollback feature. Azure AD rollback allows administrators to roll back their entire Azure AD to an earlier state before the disaster, and undoes all changes made since then.

How does it work?

RecoveryManager Plus periodically backs up all changes made to Azure AD objects, and stores each change as a different version. The rollback feature operates by creating rollback points for every backup operation performed.

When you want to roll back your Azure AD, RecoveryManager Plus makes a backup of all your Azure AD objects' current state. Once you select the rollback point you wish to restore to, RecoveryManager Plus compares all the objects between the current state and the backed up state. and provides you a list of all the objects that have had their attribute values changed. You can now select the objects you wish to restore, and return your Azure AD state to the original state.


Versatile functionality: Undo all operations like moves, modifications, deletion, and more.

Granular recovery: Restore the entire directory, particular objects, or even just an attribute to any rollback point.

Review option: Get a preview of values to be restored before initiating the actual rollback process to avoid restoring unwanted values.

Get your Azure AD time machine and rewind to any past state.

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