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Export Exchange mailboxes to PST

In some cases, like when an employee leaves the organization, administrators need to archive and store the contents of a mailbox for security or compliance purposes. In these instances, administrators need to be able to efficiently export a mailbox to PST format.

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to easily export on-premises Exchange and Exchange Online mailboxes to PST for secure archival.

What can RecoveryManager Plus do?

RecoveryManager Plus allows you to:

  • Export entire mailboxes to PST format.
  • Export just the mailbox items that meet a specific criteria to PST format.
  • Secure exported PST files with a password.

Exporting Exchange mailboxes to PST format using RecoveryManager Plus is a simple three-step process. See how it's done.

Archiving Exchange mailboxes in PST format

Finite mailbox storage limits: The size of your Microsoft Exchange Online mailbox depends on your subscription plan. Exporting all your mailbox data to PST will allow you to maintain a lean mailbox and still give you the ability to import any mailbox data you need in a few clicks.

Mailbox folder limits: Exchange Online has limits on the number of folders that each mailbox can have and the number of items that each folder in a mailbox can have. It also allows administrators to define custom mailbox folder limits to ensure optimal performance. In such cases, it’s necessary to archive the contents of folders that occupy a lot of space.

Compliance requirements: Compliance regulations sometimes require you to store the entire contents of a mailbox or just a section of mailbox items that pertain to a pending legal issue or as stipulated by the compliance mandate. Once you’ve exported these items, you can then import them to a mailbox specifically for compliance purposes, or securely store exported mailboxes until you need them.

Create a point-in-time snapshot of a mailbox: In cases where you need to back up the mailboxes of privileged users, backing up the entire Exchange database is ineffective. Instead, create a snapshot of the mailboxes by exporting them to PST format.

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