Organizations are moving from traditional on-premises systems to flexible cloud solutions like Azure Active Directory, Microsoft 365, and Google Workspace for their directory services and online collaboration needs. However, one thing has not changed. The data is still yours, and even though these cloud solutions come with in-built data protection capabilities, the onus is on you to secure it.

RecoveryManager Plus provides organizations a way to secure all their cloud data with its intuitive backup and recovery functionality. Moreover, RecoveryManager Plus simplifies the archiving and e-discovery challenges that enterprises face and improves their cloud data security.

Cloud data protection
features offered by RecoveryManager Plus

Azure Active Directory backup

Back up all Azure Active Directory objects in your tenant and restore entire objects or any attribute to their backed up state.

Exchange Online backup

Back up all items in your Exchange Online mailboxes. Restore individual items from backups, or even restore the entire mailbox to a snapshot of the mailbox.

SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business backup

Back up all files and folders in your SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business sites. Restore the entire site to a backed up state, or just individual files and folders based on your need.

Google Workspace mailbox backup

Back up all items in your Google Workspace mailboxes, including contacts and calendar entries. Perform granular restoration of mailbox items, contacts, and calendar data to any of their backed up state.

Google Workspace user drives backup

Back up all files and folders in your Google Workspace user drives. Perform drive-level restoration, or granular restoration of individual files when needed.

Cloud backup

Automate backups of your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data and store the backups in Azure Blob Storage or file shares.

Ransomware protection

Insure against ransomware attacks on your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data. Easily restore affected data from backups instead of paying a ransom for your data.

Advanced e-discovery

Search for particular mailbox items or documents across all your documents using macros and quickly restore items to the same location or download them to your local storage based on your requirement.

Benefits of RecoveryManager Plus

  • Forever incremental backups

    After the first full backup of your Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data, back up just the changes made to your cloud data since the last backup cycle.

  • Flexible restoration modes

    Perform complete restoration of mailboxes, sites, and drives, or just a single email or file, based on your need.

  • Advanced archiving

    Automate mailbox archiving and reduce storage costs without compromising resiliency.

  • Data integrity

    Maintain an audit trail of all actions carried out with Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace data for assurance of data accuracy and consistency.

  • Compliance

    Configure retention periods based on the data retention policies of your organization and government regulations.

  • Scalability

    Add new mailboxes and sites for backup in a matter of minutes. Manage any number of users with a single instance.

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