AD Objects Granular Restoration

Active Directory has evolved to become a crucial part of any organization, regardless of size. Typically, Active Directory undergoes a lot of changes every day, intentional or otherwise. Changes to AD data can happen in a number of ways: you might create or modify AD objects, accidentally delete an AD object, modify GPOs, or a script could delete multiple users from a container. Tracking every change helps identify the exact moment when something goes wrong, and rectify it.

RecoveryManager Plus’ Granular Recovery Technology (GRT) tackles this problem. It backs up every change made to AD objects as an incremental backup, which allows administrators to search for the particular change and restore just the modified attribute within a few seconds. With this ability to restore data granularly, RecoveryManager Plus surpasses a native tool’s restoration capabilities.

RecoveryManager Plus highlights

  • Back up every change made to an AD object as separate versions and restore values from multiple backup versions for each object.
  • Restore deleted AD objects with all their associated attribute values and group membership information intact, without having to restart the server.
  • Compare backup snapshots across multiple versions to get an overview of all previous values and the current value of an AD object before you perform any restoration.
  • You can even restore required attribute values for an AD object across multiple backup versions.
  • Prevent rolling back to an incorrect value by viewing a preview of the value to be restored before actually restoring.
  • Search the backup database for a specific deleted AD object across any time period or OU.

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