Exchange restoration

Exchange restoration types

There are several ways in which important emails, contacts, and other mailbox items can go missing from your Exchange (on-premises and online) mailboxes. Something as simple as an item being accidentally deleted can be harmful, but bigger issues—like an Exchange database corruption that wipes the data from your entire mailboxes—can also happen. As an administrator, you need to be armed with a disaster recovery solution that can deal with such mishaps, and RecoveryManager Plus fits the bill perfectly.

RecoveryManager Plus backs up all items in your Exchange mailboxes and provides you a few ways to get your data back:

Item-level restoration

Exchange Online provides protection against deletions by allowing you to recover items deleted in the last 30 days; however, after 30 days, deleted items can no longer be recovered. With RecoveryManager Plus, you can restore any deleted mailbox item, regardless of how long ago it was deleted. You can also restore individual emails, contacts, journals, notes, and all other mailbox data from a backup in just a few simple clicks.

Mailbox-level restoration

A corruption in your Exchange database could wipe out all data in your mailboxes. With RecoveryManager Plus' mailbox-level restoration, you can rest assured that you'll get all data in a mailbox back. All folders in a mailbox, including user-created folders, can be restored to their established hierarchy, allowing you to get the user back online in a matter of minutes.

Cross-user restoration

When a team member leaves the organization, sometimes a new user needs the contents of the departing user's mailbox to continue from where the previous user left off. RecoveryManager Plus' cross-user restoration allows you to restore specific folders or entire mailboxes from one user to a different mailbox in the same organization or tenant, or even to a mailbox in a different organization or tenant.

Cross-platform restoration

In a hybrid environment, there are sometimes instances where you need to move a user from on-premises Exchange to Exchange Online, or vice-versa. RecoveryManager Plus makes this migration easier by allowing you to restore all the mailbox contents of an Exchange mailbox on one platform to the other platform.

Multiple mailbox restoration modes for your every need.

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