Log360's built-in STIX/TAXII feed processor

In today's evolving threat landscape, the key to efficient threat mitigation is early threat detection. Access to up-to-date, global threat information is key to this process, but no organization possesses this kind of information in-house. The STIX/TAXII protocols emerged from this gap, providing globally applicable standards for identifying and sharing threat information. One of the biggest strengths of Log360's threat intelligence platform is its support for the STIX/TAXII protocols. Log360 processes STIX/TAXII-based feeds to alert you in real time when globally blacklisted IPs and URLs interact with your network.

Threat detection with Log360

  • Access to a comprehensive knowledge base: Log360 processes some of the most prominent threat feeds which are based on the STIX/TAXII protocols.
  • Dynamic threat information: Log360 automatically pulls the latest information from the threat feeds, making sure you stay up-to-date.
  • No configurations required: Log360 starts processing the feeds immediately after deployment.

Detect malicious intrusions

If a malicious IP or URL shows up on your network, Log360 notifies you instantly so you can take corrective actions. That way, you can prevent malicious contact attempts, incoming traffic from globally blacklisted servers, advanced persistent threats, denial of service attacks, and vulnerability exploits.

Prevent data theft

Many types of malware instruct infected systems to send critical data to a command and control (C2C) server. With malicious URL detection in Log360, you can now instantly detect any outgoing traffic to C2C servers. You can even use custom scripts to cut off the communication channel before any data is transferred, thereby preventing critical data loss.

Log360's threat intelligence platform empowers you by catching intrusions and attacks at the earliest possible stage. It puts the control back in your hands by allowing you to stay ahead of the latest cyber threats.

Mitigate Threats with Log360's STIX/TAXII protocols

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