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Comparison Document

Which NetFlow Analyzer is right for me?

This section helps you better understand the benefits, capabilities and features that come with the Professional Edition and the Distributed Edition. We have prepared the list with the aim of making it easier for you to make the right choice, right away. Please note that it is not possible to migrate your data from Professional Edition to Distributed Edition or vice versa.

Get the right solution for your need

  Professional Edition Distributed Edition
Suitable for Small and medium business Large enterprises with distributed networks
Interface Count supported Up to 600 router interfaces / switch ports Up to 20000 router interfaces / switch ports
Basic Architecture Integrated flow collector and reporting engine Distributed flow collectors with centralized reporting engine
Traffic reports based on applications and hosts Available Available
Support for TOS, DSCP and TCP_Flag Available Available
Flow versions (and technologies)supported NetFlow® versions 5/7/9, sFlow®, cflowd®,J-Flow®,IPFIX®, NetStream NetFlow® versions 5/7/9, sFlow®, J-Flow®, IPFIX®, NetStream®, Cisco® CBQoS and Cisco® NBAR
Data Storage period Every flow stored for up to 1 month for troubleshooting. Aggregated data stored forever for historic reports Every flow stored for up to 1 month for troubleshooting. Aggregated data stored forever for historic reports
Alerting based on threshold violations Available Available
Automatic Scheduling of reports Available Available
Privilege based user restrictions Available Available
IP Based departments and groups Available Available
Billing / Chargeback Not Available (available in Professional Plus) Available
Support for NBAR and CBQoS Not Available (available in Professional Plus) Available
Application categorization Based on port, protocol and hosts Based on port, protocol and hosts
Flow rates supported Up to 10,000 flows per second Up to 10,000 flows per second per Collector. Any number of collectors can be installed.
Failover Not Available Available
Hardware requirements Single server. (Refer sizing guide for server configuration) A server each for the central server and each of the flow collectors. ( Refer sizing guide for server configuration )
Price Refer Online Store Refer Online Store

Should you have any more queries in choosing the right edition, please get in touch with us - you could either send us a mail or use our Toll Free Number(Toll Free US: +1 888 720 9500 | Intl: +1 925 924 9500). Our Technical team associate shall get in touch immediately. Refer our Support page for contact details.