Bandwidth Control Software

Bandwidth Control: Issues and Solutions

Bandwidth is the maximum capacity of a wired or wireless network connection link to transmit certain amount of data from the source point to the destination point in a fixed amount of time. Some of the common issues while managing a large scale network are,

  • Slow internet speeds,
  • Patchy VoIP calls and streams,
  • Webpages loading slowly or getting timed out entirely,
  • Trouble connecting to the cloud, etc.

What is bandwidth control?

Network administrators ensure that enough network bandwidth is accessible to all network users at all times so they don't suffer any issues during crucial times because of bottlenecks.

To prevent bottlenecks a bandwidth controller would help the network administrator to troubleshoot the origin of the issue, when and if there is one. To gain network bandwidth control, an ideal bandwidth controller should be able to show which IP/ application/ port has to be taken care of, so that the users of the network have more bandwidth.

NetFlow Analyzer: More than a Bandwidth Controller

ManageEngine's NetFlow Analyzer is one such web-based bandwidth monitoring tool that performs in-depth traffic analysis in real-time using data exported from multiple Network flows like Netstream / C-flow / J-Flow / sFlow / IPFIX / AppFlow flows.

Bandwidth Control - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

How does bandwidth control work?

NetFlow Analyzer has been optimizing thousands of networks across the world by giving a holistic view on the network bandwidth and traffic patterns. NetFlow Analyzer collects and analyses the flows, and provides insights about your network bandwidth usage. NetFlow Analyzer ensures that appropriate bandwidth levels are available for your business critical applications at all times.

Why is a bandwidth controller important?

Gain Visibility:

To gain bandwidth control and fix bandwidth issues, gaining visibility into current, and former bandwidth usage plays a pivotal role. Netfow Analyzer provides support for all major devices like Cisco, 3COM, Juniper, Foundry Networks, Hewlett-Packard, Extreme and other popular vendors.

Even if Netflow Analyzer doesn't have predefined export commands for any specific flow type/device model, you can manually add the commands and execute them using Netflow Analyzer's CLI or the GUI.

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Gather Insights:

Once the flow is exported, monitor the network's bandwidth and traffic patterns at an interface/device - specific level with the bandwidth controller software and find the root cause of any issue with ease. Each report has a drill down option in the reports that provides deeper insights like source IP, destination IP, and the conversation. These reports can be used to moderate traffic patterns and improve the device's performance.

The Bandwidth control software helps the Network Administrators to also keep a tab on key performance metrics of voice and data traffic. Cisco IP SLA technology also ensures high quality video and voice calls.


NetFlow Analyzer leverages on Cisco's Network Based Application Recognition (NBAR) to give you profound visibility on any application to recognize and classify business critical applications from non-essential applications. These non-critical applications can be mapped by mentioning their protocol, port and IP address, to monitor the traffic of a particular application (say, a certain web site, ex. Netflix, Instagram, Youtube etc).

Using traffic shaping techniques like Access Control List (ACL) offered by bandwidth control tool or by re-configuring the class-based policy, you can gain explicit visibility on these applications to keep their bandwidths in check.

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