IP Address Management Add-on

IP address management and switch port mapping

The IP Address Management and Switch Port Mapping (IPAM SPM) add-on enables network admins to discover, monitor, and troubleshoot network issues related to IPs and switch ports. This add-on helps you better understand and manage your network, as it offers real-time monitoring and troubleshooting capabilities.

What can the IPAM SPM add-on do for you?

The IP Address Manager scans, discovers, authorizes, manages, and troubleshoots issues in a network’s IP address space. It automates and simplifies crucial tasks for you such as writing the DNS and DHCP records manually, finding the availability statuses of the IP addresses, and understanding IP reservations.

Switch Port Mapping helps you see how network switches and ports are connected. It gives you a clear view of which switch is mapped to which port. This eliminates the need for you to manually trace the cables, as the solution automatically scans the monitored switches and displays the connected ports.

As a NetFlow Analyzer user, why do you need the IPAM SPM add-on?

NetFlow Analyzer provides you with complete analysis of your network traffic, including a detailed view of the bandwidth usage in your network. To understand your network better, you still want to know about the addresses of your devices, switch port mapping, and so on. Enabling the IPAM SPM add-on aids you by providing:

  • In-depth insights into network ports.
  • Information about connected devices.
  • The ability to inspect IP addresses more precisely.
  • Intuitive widgets that enable easier management.

Detailed insights into network ports

NetFlow Analyzer performs traffic analysis on your network devices, including switches and ports. Monitoring and managing these devices as separate network entities enables you to receive an overview of their bandwidth consumption, perform forensic analysis, and so on. If you wish to gain more detailed insights into your network ports, such as the port status and port details, you can take advantage of the IPAM SPM add-on.

Enabling the IPAM SPM add-on provides:

  • Switch summary: Displays the number of ports, including the percentage of used, available, and transient ports, and gives a comprehensive summary about the switches in your network.
  • Port information: Lists all the ports scanned in your network, and provides port availability information to tell you whether a particular port in your network is being used or is available. This enables you to check in the Port Status column if a port is up or not.
  • Port view: Graphically displays switches and the ports that are connected to them.
  • Alerts: Curates and displays alarms raised by the switches in your network. These reports and views help you effectively manage your network flow. If a particular IP is consuming more bandwidth than desired, you can find the port that IP is connected to and block it.

These reports and views help you effectively manage your network flow. If a particular IP is consuming more bandwidth than desired, you can find the port that IP is connected to and block it.

SPM Switch Port Mapping

View connected device information

The IPAM SPM add-on enables you to recognize device connectivity in your network, such as when you want to find the MAC address associated with a particular IP, and when you want to know what device is connected to a particular port. Using the add-on, you can view connected device details such as:

  • Connected MAC address.
  • Connected IP.
  • Connected DNS.


Inspect IP addresses more precisely

When analyzing traffic or bandwidth consumption, the IPAM SPM add-on helps you inspect an IP address more precisely. The add-on offers:

IP history: Timeline presentation of the MAC addresses the IP has been assigned to, the system description, location, and more.

IP details: Displays a particular IP address’s associated MAC address, forward and reverse DNS lookup status, IP reservation status, and IP availability.

Alerts: Curates a list of alerts raised by IP addresses in your network, enables you to configure alerts, and notifies the IT admin via email.

Having detailed insights into particular IP addresses, such as the MAC address an IP is assigned to, helps you efficiently troubleshoot your network. For instance, after identifying the top source of destination traffic using NetFlow Analyzer, an admin can use the IPAM SPM to view the source's IP history, reservation, etc.


Easier management with intuitive widgets

The IPAM SPM add-on also comes with a load of useful widgets to help you better understand your network devices. The add-on provides information like a summary of network interface card (NIC) types, a DNS status summary, the top 10 groups with occupied IPs, and an IP availability summary. With the IPAM SPM add-on, you can obtain all the information you need from just a glance at the dashboard.


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