OpManager integration with SDP using .pfx certificate:

Applying .pfx certificate in SDP does not involve creating keystore file which is required for integration. Please follow the below steps to create a Keystore file.

  • Run the below command to convert pfx certificate to JKS format from OpManager\Jre\bin directory.

    >keytool -importkeystore -srckeystore sdp_pfx_cert.p12 -destkeystore OpManager.truststore -srcstoretype pkcs12 -deststoretype JKS

    It requires Destination password, give it as OpManager

    Source password which is the pfx certificate password.
  • Place the output file OpManager.truststore in OpManager_Home\conf folder. Also have a copy of this file named as sdp.keystore and place it in OpManager home directory.
  • Try configuring SDP integration from OpManager UI with sdp.keystore. No need to wait for the connection success message.
  • Try configuring Log a Ticket notification.


If it fails, restart OpManager service and try once again.

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