How does the re-run Discovery Rule Engine work in OpManager

The re-run discovery rule engine is helpful in the following cases:

  • In environments where constant changes are the norm, the existing conditions set in the discovery rules will also need changes. Whenever a rule is modified, it may no longer apply to a set of devices which are already contained by the rule or may apply to a set of new devices which were previously not bound by the rule. In such cases, we need to reapply the rule to all the devices to check which devices are bound by it and which devices do not satisfy the conditions specifed by the rule.
  • Suppose that you have created a new rule recently but you would want the rule to be applied to the existing devices which have already been discovered before the rule was created, in that case you will have to run the rule over these existing devices to apply it.

The Re-run option works in the following manner:

  • When a rule is selected and re-run button is clicked, OpManager will ask you to select the devices on which the rule has to be re-run.
  • The rule will then be individually applied on each of those devices. 
  • If the condition(s) specified in the rule are satisfied, the action(s) specified in the rule will be performed for the device.


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