Patch Management Software - View Downloaded Windows Patches Viewing Downloaded Patches

The Downloaded Patches view provides the details of the patches that are downloaded by Desktop Central, along with their Deployment Status.

To view the list of the downloaded patches, click the Downloaded Patches link under the Patch Mgmt tab. You can filter the view based on the Language(s) that are present in your network.

You can export the Downloaded Patches details in PDF and CSV file formats..

The details of the downloaded patches shown in the tabular format include:

Modifying Patch Store location

In case the existing patch store has limited space available, you can modify the location details using the Change Patch Store Location option available on the top right corner of the Downloaded Patches page. You should copy the patches from the previous directory to this new location and restart Desktop Central Server for the changes to take effect. The steps to restart the Desktop Central Server are as follows:

  1. Goto Start menu --> Control Panel --> Administrative Tools.
  2. Click on Services..
  3. Right-click ManageEngine Desktop Central 8 Service, and then click Restart.

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