Enterprise Network Bandwidth Monitoring

Enterprise bandwidth monitoring

Maintaining stable network performance can be challenging in an enterprise since the network scalability and agility to adopt digitization should be in tandem with the organization's growth. With expanding infrastructure, new applications, and new technologies being introduced, the network's bandwidth capacity also increases.

This situation requires a enterprise bandwidth monitoring tool that can provide visibility into distributed networks and their bandwidth utilization to keep their performance and network issues in check. This will help you streamline enterprise bandwidth management without disrupting usual business operations, and troubleshoot issues faster.

NetFlow Analyzer's enterprise network bandwidth monitor

Enterprise Bandwidth Monitoring - ManageEngine NetFlow Analyzer

Scale with distributed network traffic monitoring

Given evolving business and digitization needs, your organization needs an enterprise bandwidth monitoring tool that will scale along with its requirements. NetFlow Analyzer supports distributed network traffic monitoring with its Enterprise Edition, which comes with many more monitoring and reporting capabilities.

  • Monitor the bandwidth usage of all the branch offices distributed globally from a centralized UI console
  • Using distributed network traffic monitoring, you can gather insights on the top talkers of your branch offices and manage the bandwidth effectively
  • With customizable performance and bandwidth usage trend reports, resource allocation is made all the more easy and effective

Discovering all the elements

  • Ideal enterprise network bandwidth monitoring software like NetFlow Analyzer will give you visibility into the traffic details of all the network elements, including switches, routers, and servers
  • The overview of the network nodes' traffic helps you find the source of an issue without requiring you to search for each element
  • Get insights about the network throughput and top talkers of the network based on applications, QoS, WAN, WLC, attacks, etc.

Monitor bandwidth by IP address or application

When there is a congestion issue persisting in a network, it could be caused by multiple things, like an employee using a bandwidth hogging application, high traffic volume from an IP address, or insufficient bandwidth. To arrive at a solution, there must be enough visibility into each interface, device, and application.

  • NetFlow Analyzer offers in-depth traffic details for interfaces, devices, conversations, and applications or protocols
  • You can map your custom applications along with the corresponding protocol, and monitor their real-time bandwidth utilization
  • Gain insights into Layer 7 applications with Cisco NBAR technology, and determine how the applications with dynamic ports have been consuming bandwidth

Diagnose unknown traffic that poses security threats

Some enterprise network traffic may be from suspicious actors or links that can induce harm to the network, and can go undetected by firewalls or Intrusion detection systems. Here's how NetFlow Analyzer helps in these cases:

  • With its advanced security analytics module, NetFlow Analyzer helps you continuously monitor your network for unusual traffic behavior, and generates network forensics reports that give insight into the issue
  • It provides detailed analysis of offenders, targeted IP addresses, and field details to help you differentiate between high-end business requests or a malware attack
  • With the network behavior anomaly detection tool, you can protect your network against unknown threats such as zero-day intrusions

Be alerted when the bandwidth usage deviates from normal behavior

Unusual traffic behavior in a network is unavoidable in enterprises. Ensuring that those violations in the network are avoided requires proactive monitoring so that users are not affected.

  • NetFlow Analyzer helps you identify deviations from normal behavior with real-time and aggregated alerts
  • You can set thresholds for average traffic speed, volume, and utilization, and assign each a severity; use notification templates for specific sources like interfaces, interface groups, IP groups, and access point groups
  • While real-time alerts are configured to alert you when the individual conditions are met, aggregated alerts can be configured to alert you when the specific conditions have been violated over a period

Generate capacity planning reports for upgrades

It's imperative to meet growing user demands and budget for the best solutions for your business without unplanned network upgrades.

  • NetFlow Analyzer provides capacity planning and forecast reports that help you determine the resources your organization needs using raw, historical data
  • Capacity planning reports help you select a source, define criteria, and specify a time you want to generate a report for future bandwidth requirements
  • You can monitor both the IN and OUT traffic along with top applications that have been used so far; knowing these metrics will help you plan network upgrades that meet your organization's future demands

NetFlow Analyzer's competitive advantage

  • Supports multiple flow technologies like NetFlow, sFlow, JFlow, and IP FIX
  • Uses traffic shaping techniques like QoS, ACLs, and service policies
  • Provides historical traffic data to help you find the root cause of any network performance issues
  • Performs advanced IP SLA monitoring to ensure optimal performance of voice, video, and WAN
  • Provides customizable and automated traffic reports for devices, interfaces, and more

Explore how NetFlow Analyzer has been helping enterprises manage their bandwidth management issues better than other top enterprise network bandwidth monitoring tools.

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